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StarSharks: Take a Bite out of this Underwater Adventure NFT Gaming Platform!

Ever wondered what life under the sea is like? Well, the StarSharks team has conjured up a way for us to immerse ourselves in an underwater adventure through the Shark-metaverse! This week, we take a dive into the depths of the seven seas, into the world of battle sharks where survival of the fittest is taken to a new level!

With partners like Binance Labs, CoinMarketCap, and Certik backing up this project, let’s explore 7,000 feet below sea level to explore the Shark-metaverse and see why this upcoming project garnered high-profile investors!

A Lost Sense of Community

If you’ve been following the NFT landscape for some time now, you would have noticed daring and innovative decentralized gaming platforms with the play-to-earn system topping charts in app stores and game centers. These games, much like Star Shark, aim to bridge together creativity and income generation in a mash up of two unlikely industries.

The problem is that some projects are starting to lose their sense of community. Too often we find projects that focus more on its launch than its players, and these projects unfortunately fail to get off the launchpad. While game development and improvements are important, establishing a community is essential to keeping the longevity of NFT games.

Another problem with NFT gaming is that games are scattered across multiple protocols, networks, and blockchains — forcing players to shell out for several starter packs to diversify their play-to-earn investments. As a result, players are scattered among different gaming communities without much engagement with each other.

Diving into the Shark-verse

StarSharks is the solution to the confusion surrounding NFT gaming. The NFT-GameFi platform features a robust ecosystem of several games with the hopes to break the barriers of entry prominent across popular NFT gaming platforms today.

Instead of jumping from network to network, StarSharks presents a one-stop shop of a platform where players can grow their teams, and use their trained sharks across several games. This enables players to grow the community of shark culture within the metaverse!

The platform sticks to its core values, which were placed to inspire a growing community of gaming enthusiasts with a penchant for fierce ocean predators. These core values are at the heart of the platform, and are set for players to have fun to their hearts’ content.

CO-CREATION: If you’ve felt like you never had a chance to grow the NFT landscape then now’s your chance! StarSharks taps into the community to co-create content, and expand the infinite opportunities in the future of NFTs.

UNIVERSALITY: In the roadmap, the platform will continue pushing the boundaries, and finding more use cases for NFTs by building competitive and fully-compatible digital assets meant to shift NFTs to grow into universally accepted assets.

SHARING: All for one, one for all! StarSharks makes profit generation fun for everyone, particularly with their profit-sharing mechanisms that incites the community to keep growing. It’s the only time you’d want to swim with the sharks!

To start playing, users must acquire three sharks that will set off the games. Sharks can be purchased through mystery chests in the marketplace, or through NFT leasing from players looking to rent out their sharks. Sharks vary in rarity, design, and value, so test your luck to find legendary sharks for the ultimate luck!

A Sea of Decentralized Games

With five games in the pipeline, there’s a dynamic and profitable gaming opportunity for everybody! Choose to enter the shark-metaverse through their PvP/PvE Battle Mode, or unlock the secrets of the oceans with the Adventure Mode! Take a dive under the sea, and set sail for an exciting marine life!

Star Shark aims to streamline NFT games by providing players with several game systems released across a defined timeline. StarSharks Warriors is the first game in their lineup, with many more coming soon including a breeding simulation, shark racing, and NFT card game sure to entice players with jaw-dropping gameplay!

STARSHARKS WARRIORS: The first in the pipeline and the pioneer of the Shark-metaverse, players start off their journeys with StarSharks Warriors. Swim through the depths and explore the world of sharks as you unlock the secrets hidden deep within ocean trenches. What will you find out about the origins of the Shark-verse?

Complete daily tasks, and earn rewards in the form of $SEA tokens. Battle through adventure levels, compete against other players, and prove that your shark is the most fearsome predator for a chance to earn $SSS governance tokens!

SHARK RAISING SIMULATION: It’s time to break out the punnett square for some shark biology! The next game in line is the breeding simulator, where shark holders can expand their teams with more sharks, each new shark inheriting attributes from its parent sharks.

Here, players must optimize their sharks to find rare and exclusive breeds, and use their tokens to upgrade breeding materials like incubation chambers, training fields, and consumable potions!

STARSHARKS LAND: Defend your homestead! The shark land is under attack by foreign invaders, and it’s up to you and your team of sharks to protect your area! Shell out for some land, where you can adorn recreational items to interact with other players, or train your sharks to improve skills and attributes.

Create a team within your community, and gang up against invading sharks! Be careful, or you might end up as shark bait. Players can also earn by selling their personalized real estate as NFTs in the marketplace, and earn from their sales!

SHARK RACING: Think you’ve got the fastest swimmer in the seven seas? Pit your high-level sharks against formidable competitors in this 3D third-person parkour racing game! The stakes are high as you gain rewards in the form of $SSS tokens!

STARSHARKS CARD: For players who choose smarts over skills, head over to the upcoming game StarSharks Card for strategic card gameplay. Collect various NFT cards though land, racing, or marketplace, and study your opponent to find the winning tactics!

Diverse Aquatic NFTs

Each shark NFT is carefully crafted, and expertly designed to provide players with dynamic and diverse NFTs that differ from shark to shark based on various attributes brought by the shark genes. Explore the possibilities of shark genetics, and raise rare, high-levelled sharks to auction off in the NFT marketplace! Remember, each shark is entirely unique!

Looking at their marketplace, you can already find these aquatic predators up for sale, but to gain optimal profits from these NFTs, you’ll have to keep training, exploring, and battling to come out as the top shark!

A Shiver of Sharks

One of the main focuses of StarSharks is to build up their fierce, yet friendly community with innovative profit-sharing systems that keeps players to keep the shiver strong: (1) Rewards as Referrers, and (2) Rewards as Stakers.

AS REFERRERS: Grow the community, earn rewards! Players are encouraged to keep the community alive by welcoming newcomers into the platform. Referrers are entitled to share enormous rewards of BNB, SEA and SSS — based on the contribution of their referee, of course!

AS STAKERS: Stakers are entitled to the biggest chunk of the platform profits, as 30% of the $SSS tokens used to synthesize prized NFT assets go straight into the staking rewards pool.

In their pipeline, the platform set up SDKs that external developers can utilize to keep growing the StarSharks ecosystem. The first five in-house games are already underway to launch, but the platform gets the community involved with the opportunity to easily create exciting new games within the Shark-metaverse!

Swim the Depths and Earn Big Rewards

No NFT game is complete without the opportunity to earn big rewards! The more you play, the more you earn, and in the Shark-metaverse, only the top players survive. Swim the depths and keep training your fishes to gain the most rewards out of daily missions, battles, and exploring the trenches of the ocean!

With the NFT leasing program, StarSharks opens its world to a plethora of interested players in hopes to grow the ecosystem. The leasing system offers low barriers of entry for players, and maximizes players’ interests as lessors gain passive income from renting their NFTs, while lessees gain access into the Shark-metaverse. It’s a win-win situation!

Dual Token Sea-stem: $SEA and $SSS

The StarSharks ecosystem abides by a dual token system that separates their in-game currency from their governance token. The dual token system aims to be a sustainable way of powering the underlying economy.

$SEA is the utility token used in-game, with first issued 100M SEA to be used to build up the liquidity pool for BNB-SEA pairs. $SSS is heading for an IDO soon, so keep an eye out for a chance to grab this limited governance token, and participate in decision-making activities within the platform!

IDO Details:

Token Ticker: SSS

Price: $0.9

Date: December 14th 2021, 11am UTC

Blockchain Network: BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

Total Supply: 100,000,000 SSS

Initial Market Cap:$1,831,050

Project Valuation: $90,000,000

Initial Token Circulation:1,000,000 $SSS Token(1% Public sales)+1,000,000 $SSS Token(1% Liquidity)+34,500 $SSS Token(Marketing)

SSS Tokenomics

Chomping the Competition

One of the clear competitors of StarSharks is Axie Infinity, known as the golden child for NFT and play-to-earn games. Axie Infinity hosts a similar platform, with breeding simulators, PvP battles, and NFT leasing under the Axie Scholars category.

Seeing that Axie Infinity has become the basis for many subsequent NFT games, it is not surprising for game mechanics to follow the Axie formula. However, StarSharks improves on their formula to include an entire metaverse of games for players to immerse in, as well as SDK opportunities to build games on the platform!

The biggest open-world metaverse, and 4K virtual reality low poly game TCG World made headlines within the Binance community for its extremely immersive adventure gameplay that followed the path of traditional games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Assassin’s Creed, TCG opens its metaverse for players to explore, combat, and earn through gameplay.

However, the game ends there. Unlike StarSharks, TCG World focused its game on creating the largest scaled metaverse without much input from their community. The platform does not have the multi-titled games StarSharks has, and is a strategic game meant for dedicated gamers.

Don’t Be Shark Bait!

Star Shark innovates a platform where the community is put first. Abiding by their core values, the platform is growing not only their games, but the NFT space as a whole through their fin-tastic gameplay, and profit-sharing mechanisms. As they unveil their pipeline of game titles, we can expect to see Star Shark join the top-performing play-to-earn games seeing that they’ve already achieved a considerable following based on StarShark Warriors alone.

We look forward to watching this platform reach new potentials as they expand their project scope, and with it, their community of avid gamers and NFT enthusiasts. This is one project we can really sink our teeth into!

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