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How You Can Create An ExoCrow Broker Account

Use The ExoCrow platform to create a Broker Account and start accepting payments from your clients using our P2P exchange system by paying only 1% fee. All you need to do is to fill the form by providing necessary details like your website url, secret key and hit the submit button. The team will review the application and if approved you will get a unique broker ID. Note that the Broker account is created specifically only for Forex, Casino and betting companies to accept payments worldwide using fiat transactions. For all other online shops and businesses, you can opt for a Merchant account.

How does it work?

  • Every new client need to register with the ExoCrow platform
  • After registration, he can use the ExoCrow P2P service i.e he can send the funds from his local bank account to the agent in his area and he will send the Bitcoins in exchange.
  • Once you get the bitcoins in the wallet, then go to the Payments area at ExoCrow users cabinet and type the amount and choose your broker ID, type his client ID with his Name and Surname and click PAY.
  • If you are a first time user, the process will take maximum 10 minutes but from next time onwards it will just take maximum 2 minutes
  • The client will request a withdrawal from the brokers website and send the bitcoin back to his ExoCrow bitcoin wallet. He can again exchange the Bitcoin in ExoCrow with a local currency or directly to his Credit/Debit Card within a few minutes without any high costs which are about 1% only.

🌐 Official Website: ExoCrow.com

ExoCrow in Social Media

Twitter: www.twitter.com/exocrow_finance
TG Group: www.t.me/ExoCrowFinance
TG Channel: www.t.me/exocrow_bank
Instagram: www.instagram.com/exocrow_finance/
Medium: www.medium.com/exocrow
Facebook: www.facebook.com/exocrow.crypto.bank

For any business-related proposals/inquiries please write to support@exocrow.com



ExoCrow is a digital asset platform that offers a suite of innovative products including a Secure Wallet, P2P Bitcoin Trading, Merchant Solutions, Escrow Invoices, Payment Gateways, and Savings Products with up to 12% APY.

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ExoCrow is a digital asset platform to earn interest and much more.