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ExoCrow is a digital asset platform that offers a suite of innovative products including a Secure Wallet, P2P Bitcoin Trading, Merchant Solutions, Escrow Invoices, Payment Gateways, and Savings up to 3.2% APY.

Below are the few key pieces of information that we would like to deliver to our users.

Question: What’s the technology behind ExoCrow?

Answer: ExoCrow does not use any third party technology. The platform uses its own set of customized end-to-end applications and support service system.

Question: Who are the founders of ExoCrow?

Answer: ExoCrow is founded solely by Karl Bentsen. He has been associated with forex and banking companies from 2010 and has in-depth knowledge regarding the business processes and implementation. From last 5yrs Karl has been working intensively on crypto trading markets and cryptocurrency mining farms.

Question: What is ExoCrow’s official business model?

Answer: ExoCrow focuses on modern banking and cryptocurrency payment service providers for retail merchants and brokers.

Question: Does ExoCrow pay daily interest?

Answer: Yes, you will see your daily interest profit in your account.We credit the interest to you on the 1st and 15th of every month that you can withdraw.

Question: How do I withdraw from ExoCrow?

Answer: You can easily withdraw funds to your bank account using our Payment gateway. The withdrawals will be processed within 24 hours. EU transactions will take up to 2 days by SEPA. SWIFT transactions take up to 3 working days to non-EU countries.

Question: How do you make money on ExoCrow?

Answer: ExoCrow offers two ways using which users can earn:

  • Earn crypto by using our referral service

Question: What is an ExoCrow Wallet?

Answer: ExoCrow offers separate wallets for various supported cryptocurrencies. Read our Savings account guide for more details.

Question: Is ExoCrow custodial or non-custodial?

Answer: The Exocrow wallet is a custodial wallet however users can raise a request to the support team to get their private key.

Question: How much fee does ExoCrow charge?

Answer: Our transaction fees are standard mining fees plus 0.25%

Question: What coins are accepted to Earn Interest?

Answer: Currently, we offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Question: What is the minimum amount to invest in Savings?

Answer: The minimum amount that a user is required to invest is 20$.

Question: Is ExoCrow Legit?

Answer: ExoCro is a new project with dedicated and hardworking crypto enthusiastics. With many distinct features, the platform has started gaining attention in the crypto space. You can read our platform review by hedgewithcrypto here


Question: Is ExoCrow accepting deposits in fiat currencies?

Answer: Fiat deposit feature is not available yet.

Question: Which Countries Are Supported?

Answer: There are no geographical restrictions on ExoCrow offering to customers from various countries.

Question: Is KYC required immediately to accept payments online?

Answer: No

Question: How do I buy or sell Bitcoins?

Answer: You can easily buy/ sell Bitcoin using ExoCrow platform. For more details read our article here


Question: How am I protected from being fraud to buy or sell Bitcoin?

Answer: ExoCrow offers Escrow service that protects genuine users from fraudsters. Fund gets locked in escrow until both parties confirm the agreement.

Question: How long does it take to send or receive Bitcoins using my ExoCrow Wallet?

Answer: Speed of the exchange relies entirely on the 2 people involved in the transaction.

Question: How much did I pay for accepting payments using P2P exchange?

Answer: 1% of exchange amount.

Question: How can I earn Crypto through Referral?

Answer: You can invite your friend to join the ExoCrow platform and earn rewards. For each referral you will earn 20% from your client transaction fees and 4% from your referred affiliates ( 2 level ) client transaction fees. Apart from this, you can unlock some more rewards. Read our detailed guide here for more information



Question: Where do I check my Referral Earning?

Answer: You can check your ExoCrow account (Referral tab) for your referral activity. For more information read our detailed guide here.


🌐 Official Website: ExoCrow.com

ExoCrow in Social Media

Twitter: www.twitter.com/exocrow_finance
TG Group: www.t.me/ExoCrowFinance
TG Channel: www.t.me/exocrow_bank
Instagram: www.instagram.com/exocrow_finance/
Medium: www.medium.com/exocrow
Facebook: www.facebook.com/exocrow.crypto.bank

Apart from this, if you have any questions or concerns just give us a shout through our Telegram group or any support service. Our dedicated team is there to help you out.



ExoCrow is a digital asset platform that offers a suite of innovative products including a Secure Wallet, P2P Bitcoin Trading, Merchant Solutions, Escrow Invoices, Payment Gateways, and Savings Products with up to 12% APY.

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ExoCrow is a digital asset platform to earn interest and much more.