Adding Ripio, New ETH Assets, CashAddr, and Sending to Bech32 Addresses

Mar 17, 2018 · 7 min read
Allow Mittens the CryptoCat to explain these release notes to you.

Exodus Welcomes Ripio

New Tokens On The Block…chain!

Bread (BRD)

Genesis Vision (GVT)

Iconomi (ICN)

Kucoin (KCS)

Medishares (MDS)

Pillar (PLR)

Rivetz (RVT)

Santiment (SAN)

Substratum (SUB)

Tenx (PAY)

Time New Bank (TNB)

Vezt (VZT)

Your Bitcoin Cash Wallet Has A New Address!

Bech32? We Can Do That Too!

Was My Password H0dLr0ck3t158…or Satoshibae256?

Litecoin Fees Just Got Even Lite-er!

Next Release Date: March 29th, 2018

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Thanks to Thomas C.


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