Exodus 1.51.0: Your Feature Request Is Our Command


A snowy mountain pass. A concealed laboratory of cypherpunks and Node.JS wizards. A two-week rolling release schedule.

Readers, you know what time it is! We’re back yet again with a fresh release of Exodus, and with it, the latest edition of our extended release notes series.

While our latest offering, version 1.51.0, doesn’t include any new assets, we do have a number of exciting developments to share with you — some fan favorite assets are once again exchangeable in certain jurisdictions, our Settings tab has received a significant improvement in accessibility, and we even managed to throw in a few interface and user experience tweaks for good measure.

EOS, BAT, and EDG Make a Triumphant Return

Astute holders of EOS, BAT, and EDG may have noticed that these assets have been unavailable for use in our built-in Exchange tab; as much as we’d love to offer worldwide exchange support for these tokens within Exodus, our exchange partner is taking proactive steps against future regulation that may classify certain tokens as securities which, until this point, left EOS, BAT, and EDG unexchangeable for Exodus users.

For those outside the regulatory bounds of the USA and its Securities and Exchange Commission, however, fear not! These tokens are now fully exchangeable for Exodus users not shackled by a US IP address.

For those US-based Exodus users who want to learn more about the lack of EOS, BAT, and EDG exchange functionality in your jurisdiction, please give this article a read.

Asset Search: Nowhere to Show / Hide

When Exodus was first unveiled to the world in December of 2015, our humble yet ambitious wallet contained only three assets: BTC, LTC, and DOGE.

Needless to say, a lot’s changed since then — what started as an asset triad has grown to a suite of 31 fully exchangeable digital assets and nearly 60 supported ERC20 tokens. Yet amidst this explosion of supported coins, our Assets tab has gotten a bit crowded.

For die-hard fans of scrolling and clicking, you can still enable and disable assets in Exodus the old fashioned way. For everyone else, we’ve implemented a handy Search for assets… feature that should make navigating our bevy of supported coins and tokens a bit easier going forward!

Exodus Has Reinvented the Wheel

Arguably the most beloved UI feature of Exodus is the Asset Wheel that greets you when starting up your wallet. As beautiful as it is functional, this mainstay of our Portfolio tab is a great way to get a glimpse of your overall holdings in the most spherical way possible.

It’s also at the heart of one of our most oft-requested features.

For months, Exodus users have contacted us wondering why clicking on a given asset in the Portfolio tab did not take you directly to that asset’s wallet, and after much deliberation, we can’t help but agree with them!

So as of our latest release, clicking on an asset in the Portfolio menu will automagically land you in the corresponding wallet:

Whoever said reinventing the wheel was a waste of time clearly never met our developers ;)

Small Deposits Get Magnified

In addition to our aforementioned tweak to the Portfolio tab, we’ve also taken steps to ensure your balance is as accurately represented as possible. In prior Exodus releases, an asset whose balance was present but less than $0.01 would display as having a $0.00 balance and 0% of your overall holdings.

No longer! Exodus will now show very small balances as holding $0.01 in your Portfolio and Wallet tabs as well as sub-1% in your wallet’s overview. Penny pinchers of planet Earth, this one’s for you!

Keeping an Eye on Passwords

Since the release of Exodus version 1.47.0, we’ve utilized an eyeball icon to view or hide your password when unlocking your encrypted wallet. We made a slight interface tweak to this feature in 1.48.0, and we’re at it again with our latest release!

The change is a subtle one — we’ve simply altered which icon represents the “Show” or “Hide” options, but we hope this switch proves to be more intuitive.

Look, Ma, No Restart!

Being a multi-coin light wallet, Exodus requires some heavy lifting from an array of blockchain servers to keep your wallet operating smoothly. Occasionally, your wallet may fall out of sync with these servers, which is why we implemented our Refresh feature to rectify this issue:

Even the most elegant of workarounds are not without fault, though, especially when they result in a rescan error requiring you to restart your Exodus wallet.

We’re happy to report that rebooting your wallet upon encountering refresh issues is a relic of the past as of version 1.51.0.

Next Release: May 24th, 2018

Update — 05/19/2018: We have released a security patch (1.51.4) for our latest release to ensure the safety of your assets. Please upgrade your Exodus wallet by clicking here.

It’s time for us to part yet again, dear Exodus aficionados, but not for long! We’ll be back again in two weeks time to share our latest and greatest efforts with you — keep an eye on our releases page for any potential bugfixes or security patches we may drop in the interim, and as always, stay safe out there in Cryptoland.

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