Exodus 1.52.0: The Fortnight Before EOS

We went behind-the-scenes to improve our Exchange feature, QR scanner, and overall wallet safety for a smoother user experience.

Kevin Chen
May 25, 2018 · 4 min read
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The night was calm, with only a slight breeze kicking up small particles of dust in the air — mixing in with the fog. The faint glow from the Moon cast a path for anyone who wished to follow its guidance.

Trudging along the snowy, barren lands of the mountain pass, the group of weary travelers were all electrified with the same sense of wonderment. One man even dropped his wooden walking stick, causing a short thud to ring out in the valley. Near them was a fabled sculpture so massive, it towered over the highest of mountain peaks: “The Wizard.

Little did they know, there was a concealed laboratory filled with wizardpunks addicted to java(script) inside the stone carving. Who knows what is being developed in there?

(looks at previous release notes for more material)

Dang it Josh W, I’m out of material O_o

Welcome to the version 1.52.0 release notes!

While we do enjoy releasing features such as the One-Click EOS Registration process and assets such as Zcash, our developers need time to prepare for even bigger projects. They also work diligently to quash any bugs that will hurt the user experience for you and I. In times like these, you’ll see under-the-hood improvements for many of the features within the wallet itself.

Let’s get into it!

EOS Is Coming. . .

As you may have heard by now, EOS is transitioning into mainnet in less than a week. After this, the ERC20 EOS contract will expire as the swap occurs. Please be sure you have your EOS assets in a registered address before the deadline!

A new user opening a new Exodus wallet will not see EOS enabled by default. All veteran Exodusians won’t see a difference here and all aspects of EOS (store/send/receive) will function normally as we head toward the June 1st snapshot.

Peek-A-Boo Zcash

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In the same vein, we have moved Zcash to take its place as a default wallet. Rejoice privacy lovers!

To Scan or Not To Scan?

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Hey smillagoñi!

We have put this question to rest by improving the accuracy of our QR reading. Still, we recommend everyone to spread the word out to exchanges and wallets so they can support EIP 55 within their ETH wallets if they haven’t yet. Not adding an ETH checksum is one of the main reasons for lost funds with the QR scanner.

Oops, I Made a Mistake?!?

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Did you know you can cancel an exchange if you made a mistake? Well, there were a few bugs with the “Cancel” button in past versions, but we persuaded them to move elsewhere :)

Time for a Tune-Up

Our developers have oiled up the machine to make the Exodus wallet not only a smoother experience, but a safer one. We took some more safety precautions to defend against vulnerabilities; however, you are still the best defense for your wallet. Our Safety and Security Tips is a comprehensive guide to help get you started.

Next Release: June 7th, 2018

And with that, we’ll be well on our way to the next major release of Exodus. Please make sure to keep an eye on future updates and security patches on our releases page. You never know when one might appear (but you’ll definitely hear from us on Twitter and Facebook).

I’ll need to take some more material from Josh W and smillagoñi, so until the next time they let me write again, farewell!

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