Mithril, Major Design Changes in Exodus Version 1.54.0

Smarter. Prettier. Your favorite portfolio has a new look.

Josh W
Josh W
Jun 22, 2018 · 5 min read
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elease Week never fails to be an exciting (albeit hectic) time here at Exodus.

Our developers, burning the midnight oil, remain glued to their text editors, tirelessly working to make sure each release is better than the last. In the world of software development, where every new feature introduces the potential for a new bug, this is no easy task!

The same is true of our design team as they craft and tweak the Exodus user experience to be as seamless and approachable as possible. Pouring heart, soul, and sweat into the Adobe Creative Suite to ensure something stunning comes out the other end, while a different skill-set than that of the React wizards who translate designs into a functional product, is no less trying.

Of course, our Medium team is also along for the ride in the form of our bi-weekly Extended Release Notes series, which I’m excited to present to you here!

Why such exuberance for this particular release? I’m glad you asked, hypothetical reader! While most Exodus releases include design and user interface alterations, version 1.54.0 includes a hefty overhaul of every asset in the wallet. We think you’ll be pleased with the results.

In addition, a new ERC20 token joins the Exodus suite of Ethereum Assets, the Portfolio tab gets yet another makeover with some oft-requested functionality, we fix a nasty bug affecting our beloved Mac users, and a whole lot more!

Exodus Assets Get Hexagonal

When it comes to storing a diverse portfolio of digital assets, there are few better options than multi-coin light wallets like Exodus.

Having a bevy of assets in a single wallet, however, creates an interesting design conundrum — there is no consistency among asset logos themselves! Some are round, some are square, others are triangular. Our designers knew there was a better way to create a unified experience across assets.

As of our latest Exodus release, all asset logos are now presented on a hexagonal backdrop:

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To accompany this design change, the Send and Receive buttons in your Wallet tab are a bit more svelte, too.

We hope this change is easier on the eyes than prior iterations of Exodus, especially for those holding a wide array of coins. We hope, too, that bees and beekeepers alike approve of our decision.

Portfolio Tab, Meet Asset Performance

Asset logos in Exodus becoming hexagons is quite the change, but perhaps even more stark is the change we’ve made to the Portfolio tab. No longer are your assets displayed as a grid, but rather, a seamless row of your entire portfolio:

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This change is more than just skin deep, however — the Portfolio screen will now display market capitalization, 24 hour volume, and gain/loss performance over the last 24 hours, a feature our users have been requesting for some time now.

Selecting between fiat valuation and overall coin holdings is a thing of the past, too, as our revamped Portfolio menu displays both simultaneously!

Mithril: A New ERC20 Token Approaches!

When I first heard that Mithril would be added to Exodus, I wondered whether or not the Tolkien estate had launched an ICO — how could a legendary Dwarven alloy, prized for its malleability and sterling sheen, be put on the blockchain, anyways?

My dreams of high fantasy faded quickly upon discovering this Mithril to be an ERC20 token hoping to monetize Social Media in a similar manner to the Steem/Steemit ecosystem.

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Exodus users can now send and store (but not exchange) the Mithril token in Ethereum Assets section of the wallet. It is still unknown whether Lord of the Rings content will receive extra dividends on the platform.

Squashing Mac Bugs in the Settings Tab

While Exodus goes through a stringent round of testing before each release, there is no better way to create battle-hardened software than listening to the feedback of our tenacious users.

For those unfortunate Mac users who were plagued by a bug in the Ethereum Assets drop-down, we hope this fix helps.

For those who reported this bug to our Support team, we thank you eternally for making Exodus better and contributing to the development process.

For everyone else, the Ethereum Assets section of the Settings > Assets menu is no longer an accordion and is open by default.

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New Skin “Vessel” Takes Exodus Back to Nature

Did you know that the stock appearance of Exodus can be changed at will? Our Settings tab contains a menu of Skins (30 in total) for you to choose from — personalizing your wallet takes just a few clicks.

The latest Exodus skin, Vessel, transforms your wallet’s backdrop into a mountainous vista. For fans of natural scenery and the outdoors, this one may be worth checking out:

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It’s also pleasant to look at when paired with your favorite John Denver song.

Next Release: July 5th, 2018

It’s time for us to part yet again, dear Exodus aficionados, but not for long! We’ll be back again in two weeks time to share our latest and greatest efforts with you — keep an eye on our releases page for any potential bug fixes or security patches we may drop in the interim, and as always, stay safe out there in Cryptoland.

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