Exodus that remains the migrants crisis

I wish I could offer more positive solutions and remedies, but we all unfortunately don’t just get to pick and choose which country we would like to live and work, without that country’s permission to do so in the first instance, there has to remain some order through control of country borders, otherwise the perception is, that no immigration process actually exists, and you end up having instead just ‘a free for all’ and uncontrolled exodus, which as we can see and have seen just self perpetuates and continues the misery for thousands of displaced people.

Strictly on a country by country ‘security’ basis, we all live in a world now where each country really needs to know and record through their own border controls, who is entering and leaving their country, but the sheer numbers and some people’s unwillingness to register for eg. asylum in the first country they reach, because it is not their preferred or chosen final country and destination has not helped, but only rather compounds the problem of mass migration. Receiving countries need to know well in advance for obvious infrastructure and planning purposes how many people that they are likely and expected to receive through all this chaos.