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#Update- 16th Oct 2019 (17:00)

#Update- 16th Oct 2019 (15:55)

#Update- (16th October 2019, 13.30)

  • All users data, connections will store inside distributed ledger, which can’t be changed, lost or stolen.
  • The Judges Panel will maintain the high quality of services provided on AskBrains and resolve any disagreements concerning quality.
  • AI engine uses a machine-learning algorithm and dozens of parameters to match user requests to experts.
  • AskBrains attracts only the best experts and provides top-quality content.
  • Efficient integrations with Calendly, Twilio, and Google Calendar make sure you won’t miss a scheduled session with your advisor or mentor.
  • No fake accounts, no bots, no newbies pretending to be experts — our Know-Your-Customer procedure will take care of that.
  1. Register for an account on Exonium
  2. Complete your KYC procedure to participate
  3. USDT and CSM is accepted for this IEO, so do deposit your tokens in advance for a hassle-free IEO
  4. Check EXOLaunch for the latest updates

#更新- 16/10/2019, 15:55

#更新- 16/10/2019, 13:30

  • 所有用户数据,连接都将存储在分布式分类帐中,该分类帐不能更改,丢失或被盗。
  • 评审团将维持AskBrains提供的高质量服务,并解决有关质量的任何分歧。
  • AI引擎使用机器学习算法和数十个参数来将用户请求与专家匹配。
  • 与Calendly,Twilio和Google日历的高效集成可确保您不会错过与顾问或导师安排的课程。
  • 没有假账户,没有机器人程序,没有任何新手冒充专家 — 您的“了解您的客户”程序将为您解决。



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ExoniumDEX is a decentralised exchange designed to be a unifying exchange of all coins through a unique oracle concept and bridging function.