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Blockchain’s Future: 7 Industries with tremendous potential 区块链的未来:7个潜力巨大的行业

As the world evolves, blockchain technology is looking to dominate these 7 industries. 随着世界的发展,区块链技术将颠覆这7个行业。

The Online Gaming Industry-

Online gaming is a huge multi-billion dollar industry that is experiencing double-digit year-on-year growth for the last five odd years. Experts predict that this industry is going to see an exponential rise not only in the number of players, but also revenues and profits.

Banking and Finance Industry-

One industry, which has faced the brunt of the Coronavirus pandemic, has been the financial investment sector. With markets crashing all over the world, investors have lost trillions of dollars’ worth of investments in a very short span of time.

Real Estate-

All the paperwork and hectic process involved in a real estate transaction during the purchase and sale of homes are tedious. However, blockchain technology can completely modify this traditional approach to ease the headache that real estate documents cause. With the help of blockchain, we can store all the documents and transaction records safely with lesser efforts and costs. The smart contracts can be created between the seller and buyer that release funding only when the conditions are satisfied.

Non-Governmental Organizations-

United Nations along with other global organizations like the Red Cross are engaging with cryptocurrencies as a fast model of reaching currency to the most underprivileged parts of the world. During the Coronavirus pandemic, the Italian Red Cross also started accepting donations and emergency funds from donors in Bitcoins.

Information Technology and Software-

The IT industry and SaaS service providers are exploring and dealing with cryptocurrencies from a number of clients. They are also reworking their systems and processes at the behest of clients who want to shift to Blockchain technology.


Healthcare institutions deals with sensitive personal information are healthcare firms. Blockchain can be helpful in transforming the way medical data and records are stored and shared. The most common issue faced by these organizations is caused by fraud or medical data misuse leading towards loss of trust among consumers and healthcare institutions. Blockchain can help in building trust by securely storing medical records and providing timely access to doctors and concerned authorities when required.


As we move through the list of industries that will be disrupted by blockchain, we can see the various benefits it offers in terms of security and transparency. The legal industry is another example where blockchain helps in storing and verifying multiple documents and data. Since blockchain technology helps in securing legal data, records including wills stored in the blockchain can be easily and securely verified. Any changes/updates in the legal documents will be first authenticated and then stored.


As new technologies evolve, it is important to make sure that the affected industries stay updated with the trends to stay ahead in the competition. Blockchain is becoming the newest technology that will impact several industries in the years to come. Security of data is something every business is looking for and there is no safer option than Blockchain in terms of recording and transferring data. While everyone believes in the meritorious nature of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology, brands and industries are still a bit sceptical owing to legal issues and regulations. However, experts feel that the more powerful industries get into the game, the more will be the lobbying effect they will start having on governments and policy makers.





















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