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Crypto Trading 101: Buying your first cryptocurrency加密货币交易101:购买您的第一个加密货币

A guide to help you begin investing in Bitcoin and altcoins. 帮助您开始投资比特币和替代币的指南。

  1. Use cryptocurrency to buy other cryptocurrencies — Crypto-to-Crypto Exchange

Fiat to Cryptocurrency Exchange

The first step is to convert fiat currency to cryptocurrency. This is done via fiat to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Crypto-to-Crypto Exchange

Now that you have cryptocurrency, you can begin trading coins. Besides Bitcoin, there are altcoins, which are all cryptocurrencies besides BTC. These include ETH, Consentium, Ripple, EOS, and Tron.

Get Started with Exonium

Trading on Exonium is a seamless process. Let’s walk you through it.

  1. Complete the Know Your Customer process by submitting documents for verification.
  2. Deposit cryptocurrency into your wallet. Exonium makes it easy to transfer crypto to and fro with our wallet function on the platform.
  3. Pick your trading pair. The first listings on Exonium are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, and Consentium, which is the native token of Exonium.
  4. Begin trading on Exonium and buy your favourite altcoins.

About Exonium

Exonium is a brand new world-class crypto exchange that places an emphasis on security and protection of users’ assets as well as high liquidity.







  • 通过提交文件进行验证来完成“了解您的客户”流程。
  • 将加密货币存入您的钱包。利用平台上的钱包功能,嘉库可以轻松实现来回加密交易。
  • 选择您的交易对。嘉库上的第一批清单是比特币,以太坊,Tron和嘉信CSM,嘉库的代币。
  • 开始在嘉库上交易并购买您最喜欢的替代币。





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ExoniumDEX is a decentralised exchange designed to be a unifying exchange of all coins through a unique oracle concept and bridging function.