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Crypto Trading 101: #HODL To The Moon 加密货币交易101:长期投资策略

Are cryptocurrencies a long term investment? 加密货币是否适合长期投资?

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are virtual/digital assets build on different Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) concepts like blockchain.

Why HODL cryptocurrencies?

High Return On Investment


ICO Price: $0.0168 (2013)

NEO (formerly Antshares)

ICO Price: $0.03 (2015)


ICO Price: $0.007 (2016)


ICO Price: $0.30 (2014)


ICO Price: $0.002 (2017)

Technological Potential

Technologies and cryptocurrencies developments are ever-changing. From instant transactions to logistic to identity theft protection, the world of cryptocurrency looks as if it’s going to overhaul entire industries and businesses on a global scale.

  1. Healthcare
  2. Politics
  3. Real Estate
  4. Legal Industry
  5. Security
  6. Government
  7. Transportation
  8. Charities and Aid Organizations

Potential Market Size

The cryptocurrency market is not only growing exponentially, but could potentially absorb the value of non-monetary assets. The World Economic Forum predicted that around 10% of the world’s GDP will be held in the form of tokenized assets by 2027. With reference to the 2018 world’s GDP, 10% would be around $8.8 trillion USD. If we factor in inflation and GDP growth into that equation, the market size for cryptocurrencies will be immense.

  • ETH (Ethereum ) — Smart Contract & Dapp Development Platform.
  • XRP (Ripple) — Ultra-Fast and ultra-cheap international payments for banks.
  • Dash — Open source cryptocurrency and a form of DAO.
  • BCH (Bitcoin Cash) — Bitcoin fork, slightly faster than Bitcoin.
  • LTC (Litecoin ) — Bitcoin fork, faster and cheaper transactions.
  • EOS — Development platform & DAPP framework, uses DPoS.

Ignore #FUD

Don’t fall into Fear, Uncertainty and Doubts. Cryptocurrency holders are often too impatient and get nervous when they see the price of their coin going down. While this is a normal reaction, this should not be your guiding principle. You may think that you’re losing but the reality is, as long as you haven’t sold your coins at a loss, you haven’t lost.

Buy your favourite token, and forget about it.

As with any form of investment, you should proceed with a strategy that you’re most comfortable with. Here’s one strategy adapted by a very cautious investor:

About Exonium

Exonium is a brand new world-class crypto exchange that places an emphasis on security and protection of users’ assets as well as high liquidity.





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