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EXO Bi-Weekly Report #3嘉库双周报告#3: 三大项目启动

Highlights of Exonium: New Partner’s Launch! 嘉库的亮点。

Exonium is back to bring you some exciting updates. Follow all of our announcements and highlights below!

1) Upcoming IEOs on EXOLaunch

We are also excited to update you that we will be announcing 3 upcoming IEOs on EXOLaunch!

  1. BlocBox — 18th October 2019

BlocBox is an integrated communication platform that focuses on digitalisation for the maritime industry. This platform digitally deliver data collected through IOT with built-in Cybersecurity protection that enhances operational efficiency & securing the vessels’ business, crew and IOT networks. BlocBox will collect and encrypt information that is stored locally within safety instruments installed on ships and airplanes. The encrypted data will then be transmitted to the BlocBox protocol for storage and future retrieval, significantly decreasing response time in the event of a disaster.

2. Riwigo — TBC

Riwigo is an online spa booking service that offers an easy to use and simplistic amenity; managing several deluxe spas around Southeast Asia. Our reservations platform offers instant confirmations for every booking as we want to provide complete comfort for our customers. As a result of the enhancement of your experience, authentic reviews which have been submitted by our customers can be viewed at our website.

Riwigo, Thailand’s Ultimate Online Spa and Massage Booking Platform, offers a vast listing of spas, massages, wellness & beauty salons and more. We present special promotions and the finest spa deals in Thailand. This discounted spa service is also backed up by an easy-to-go mobile app which can be accessed via Android & Apple.

3. Real Estate Token — TBC

More information will be released soon! Can you make a guess what it will be? 😏

2) Success of BIGG Cash IEO

BIGG Cash IEO on EXOLaunch concluded on 25th September 2019 and we are excited to update the community that BIGG listing on 29th September 2019 was a huge success!

10, 000,000 BIGG Cash were allocated at a token price of USD$0.35 during the IEO and were sold out in about 55 minutes !

Upon listing, BIGG was trading above IEO price, at all high time of 12 CSM/BIGG on 29th September, 21:00 (GMT +8).

24h trading volume as of 2nd October 2019, 17:30 (GMT +8) is at 5,228,683 CSM.

As seen above, BIGG token’s performance on Exonium yielded significant positive gains on CSM. This IEO on EXOLaunch signalled a seal of approval and assurance to participants as we strive to provide liquidity for projects launched on our platform.

In case you missed out on our previous announcement regarding BIGG Cash. An institutional investor from China bought 140m BIGG tokens! This is to prepare for the usage of tokens in more 30,000 普晨新鲜超市 supermarket kiosks in China. The 1st phase will cover 1,400 locations in Shenzhen.

Recently, BiggWorld is also one of the 2019 winners of Brands for Good for social & engagement!

Exonium is thankful for the strong support from our community and we will be looking forward to BIGG Cash’s development in the future.

EXOLaunch has a stringent curating and reviewing process for blockchain projects prior to their launch, ensuring that all projects integrated onto Exonium are prospective and serves a great purpose to the whole ecosystem.

Looking to launch your project on EXOLaunch? Apply and join us in the revolution today!

3) New Token Directory

Your new comprehensive guide to all cryptocurrencies listed on Exonium is now available on Zendesk!

Since our launch just a few months ago, we have 9 trading pairs supported on Exonium.

  1. Consentium (CSM)
  2. BIGG Cash (BIGG)
  3. Abele Trust (BANK)
  4. Bitcoin (BTC)
  5. Ethereum (ETH)
  6. Ripple (XRP)
  7. TRON Foundation (TRX)
  8. EOSIO (EOS)

Learn more about all of the tokens listed on Exonium in this guide. Do remember to do your own due diligence and research before trading any cryptocurrencies. Stay tuned and look forward to new listings as we welcome more cryptocurrencies into our family!

4) Consentium Hard Fork

Our ecosystem partner, Consentium will be performing their first hard-fork in upcoming weeks. The new Consentium token will split from the current CSM (ERC20) and Consentium token holders will receive new Consentium tokens after the fork. The reasons behind this fork are:

1) A move to a new chain which will be beneficial to Consentium’s future development

2) An upgrade to our existing smart contract

3) Better on-chain experience for token holders

Note: New Consentium tokens will be named as Consentium +(CSMX). Old Consentium tokens will be retain its name Consentium (CSM)

To participate in this fork and receive the new Consentium token, users must deposit their Consentium tokens in personal wallets that support ERC20 tokens, such as My Ether Wallet (MEW), Trust Wallet, IMToken etc. A daily average of tokens throughout the lock-up period will be taken to calculate the amount of new CSM tokens that will be airdropped to you. ANY withdrawals from the wallet during the lock-up period will result in the wallet being blacklisted and disqualified from the airdrop exercise for new CSM tokens.

The lock-up period of two weeks will start from 14th October 2019, 00:00 (GMT +8) to 28th October 2019 00:00 (GMT +8) and users must not withdraw CSM tokens during these two weeks in order to receive the new CSM tokens. Any withdrawal during these two weeks of lock up period will disqualify the wallet address from ANY new Consentium token airdrop.

Please take note that CSM tokens stored in the following types of wallets will not be eligible to participate in the hardfork:

1.Any cryptocurrency exchange (including Exonium)

2. Any institutional wallet

3. Any projects’ main wallet

4. Blacklisted wallets

5. Consentium company cold wallets

After 28th October 2019 00:00 (GMT +8), participants will receive the new Consentium tokens on their wallet.

Do note that CSM will still be in circulation and traded on all existing exchanges.

The new Consentium (CSMX) tokens will be traded exclusively on Exonium only after 28th October 2019.

Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest updates on our upcoming IEO.

About EXOLaunch

EXOLaunch is the official IEO launchpad of the Exonium cryptocurrency exchange. Exonium launched successfully this year with 100k sign-ups on the first day of operations. EXOLaunch provides a platform for deserving projects to gain support and investment from Exonium’s dedicated base of traders.

Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest updates

Ready to start trading on Exonium ? Try out the seamless registration process and sign up for a new account today at https://exonium.one/

Quick guide (can change):


1) EXOLaunch三大项目启动新IEO (10月)


  • BlocBox (10月18日2019)

BlocBox是一个集成通信平台,专注于海事行业的数字化。该平台通过内置物联网安全保护以数字方式交付通过物联网收集的数据,从而提高运营效率并保护船舶的业务,船员和物联网网络。 BlocBox将收集和加密本地存储在船舶和飞机上安装的安全仪器中的信息。然后,加密的数据将被传输到BlocBox协议以进行存储和将来检索,从而在发生灾难时大大减少响应时间。

  • Riwigo (待稍后确认)



  • 房地产代币(待稍后确认)

你能猜出是什么吗? 😏

2) BIGG Cash IEO取得巨大的成功

EXOLaunch上的BIGG Cash IEO于2019年9月25日结束,我们很高兴向社区通报,BIGG在2019年9月29日上市取得了巨大成功!

10,000,000 BIGG Cash在IEO期间以代币价格0.35美元分配,并在约55分钟内售罄!

上市后,BIGG的交易价格高于IEO价格,在9月29日21:00(GMT +8)达到历史最高价12 CSM / BIGG。

截至2019年10月2日17:30(GMT +8)的24小时交易量为5,228,683 CSM。


如果您错过了我们之前关于BIGG Cash的公告,来自中国的机构投资者购买了1.4亿个BIGG代币!这是为在中国超过30,000个普晨新鲜超市售货亭中使用令牌做准备。第一阶段将覆盖深圳的1,400个地点。


嘉库非常感谢社区的大力支持,我们将期待BIGG Cash未来的发展。



3) 新代币目录



  • Consentium(CSM)
  • BIGG Cash(BIGG)
  • Abele Trust(银行)
  • Bitcoin 比特币(BTC)
  • Ethereum 以太坊(ETH)
  • Ripple(XRP)


4) 嘉信C币硬分叉

我们的生态系统合作伙伴, 嘉信C币将在接下来的几周内执行第一次硬叉。新的嘉信C币将与当前的CSM(ERC20)分开,并且嘉信持有者将在分叉后收到新的C币。此分叉背后的原因是:




注意:新的Consentium将重命名为Consentium Classic(CSMX) 保留其名称为Consentium(CSM)。旧的Consentium将保留其名称为Consentium(CSM)。

要参加此分叉并获得新的C币,用户必须将其C币存放在支持ERC20令牌的个人钱包中,例如My Ether Wallet(MEW),Trust Wallet,IMToken等。将需要一段时间来计算将空投给您的新C币的数量。在锁定期间从钱包中提取的任何款项都将导致该钱包被列入黑名单,并取消新C币的资格。

分叉比例如果在10月14号前把C币存放在支持ERC20令牌的个人钱包中,例如My Ether Wallet(MEW),Trust Wallet,IMToken等的话
比如,14 号前存1000C币,28日后将获得1000新C币。

将会是 ((10000*27)+100000)/28= 13,314

锁定期为两周,将从2019年10月14日00:00(GMT +8)到2019年10月28日00:00(GMT +8)开始,用户不得在这两周内提取C币才能接收新的C币。在锁定的这两周内,任何提款都没有资格获得新的C币空投。






5. 嘉信公司的冷钱包

6. 嘉信钱包

2019年10月28日00:00(GMT +8)之后,参与者将在他们的钱包中收到新的嘉信代币,C币。







Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn上与我们联系以获取最新更新

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