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EXO Weekly Report #12 嘉库周报 #12

Highlights of Exonium: CSM Updates & Market trend! 嘉库的亮点:嘉信更新,市场趋势等!

Exonium is back to bring you some exciting updates and developments. Follow all of our announcements and highlights below!

Consentium New Blockchain — CSM Chain

Consentium’s new blockchain upgrade is complete! Previous Consentium ecosystem was operating on the Ethereum network, the most popular public blockchain network for the development of DApps (Decentralised Apps) and smart contracts. However, Ethereum has considerable limitations and the existing network will be an obstacle towards Consentium’s future development and hinder progression on our road map.

After the Consentium technical team reviewed the feasibility and scalability of the Ethereum network, the team decided to replace the Ethereum network to form new governance of the Consentium ecosystem. This process will involve migrating existing Ethereum based, CSM token to new proprietary blockchain technology, CSM Chain. Consentium’s new wallet and staking feature will be released in July as well. Find out more about Consentium’s new blockchain in this article.

CSM Token Update — Swap & Withdrawal

For CSM holders in Exonium, Consentium will be liaising with Digifinex to support 1–1 swap for users. All swaps will be done on Digifinex.

  1. Digifinex will resume CSM (ERC20) deposit towards the end of July for users to swap tokens.
  2. CSM holders will be able to deposit their CSM (ERC20) into Digifinex and it will be converted to the new CSM.
  3. Withdrawal for CSM tokens on Exonium will also resume towards the end of July in order for users to swap tokens on Digifinex.
  4. CSM Deposit on Exonium will not be available till further notice. We will update the community when Exonium supports new CSM token.

***Do note that the new CSM tokens will not be supported by any ERC20 wallets such as MyEtherWallet as the new CSM tokens are no longer running on the Ethereum network. Any CSM (ERC20) tokens that are not swapped will not be accepted on any of our official exchange partners. Therefore we advise our community to swap their CSM as soon as possible.

New Consentium App V2.0

Two years since Consentium’s initial app release, the beta version of Consentium new app is ready for community testing! An updated version will be released for the Asia and International market in July and August respectively. Consentium’s app features bridge the gap between a chat app and cryptocurrency wallet. That’s what makes Consentium different from any app you’ve ever used. The cryptocurrency community wants more out of their social media apps. They want a convenient platform that complements their daily activity like trading. Switching between chat app and crypto wallet is such a hassle and thus decreases user experience on the app. By integrating a cryptocurrency wallet into our chat app, you can now perform your transaction without needing to leave the app. This speeds up the process of finding buyers or sellers. Say goodbye to the days of switching between apps just for a transaction! Find out more about Consentium’s new app in this article.

Market Trends

  • Bitcoin

The price of Bitcoin is acting inside a narrowing range, hovering around US$9,000. Meanwhile, we’re also seeing a decrease in volume, alongside an increasingly unstable stock market, which is likely to impact Bitcoin as well.

Many investors are afraid that a retrace towards US$7,700 will be a bad cause for the markets and it is crucial to sustain above $9,000 for any bullish momentum.

A massive rally occurred for Bitcoin towards $14,000 back in summer 2019, ending in a retrace to $9,000. The price then stabilized at that support level for a significant period.

The $9,000 range has been a substantial level of support where many significant rejections and support tests have already happened. The current price of Bitcoin is hovering above this support level.

The current resistance level is around US$10,300. As the resistance zone has been tested several times in the previous year, another test of this resistance zone should end in a breakout to the upside.

SInce the market crash in March, the total market capitalization is still showing a significant increase in volume while showing an upward trend.

  • Ethereum

Crypto lending has been crucial in powering Ethereum’s decentralized finance ecosystem to over $1 billion in locked value. At the moment, there is a slight short-term bullish sentiment that is prevalent in the cryptocurrency market. Looking at the correlation between open interest and price over time, prices rallying since mid-March are reflected accordingly with the increase in open interest. Price growth for ETH is not expected to slow down until the launch of Ethereum 2.0, which may prove to provide a paradigm shift for the market itself. However, continuous technological innovation and the involvement of reasonable regulations and institutions will be integral to sustain this upward momentum.

***Disclaimer: This content is not financial advice and should not form the basis of any financial investment decisions nor be seen as a recommendation to buy or sell any good or product. Trading cryptocurrency is complex and comes with a high risk of losing money. You should carefully consider whether trading cryptocurrencies is right for you and take the time to learn how trading works and decide how much money you are prepared to risk.

About Exonium

Exonium is a brand new world-class crypto exchange that places an emphasis on security and protection of users’ assets as well as high liquidity.

Exonium was founded to propel cryptocurrency into mass adoption. Merging the best of the exchange ecosystem and the principles of social network platforms, the exchange aims to put the power back in the hands of the community by empowering and enabling traders.

Be part of the future. Be in power. Be in a network of financial freedom.

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在嘉信技术团队审查以太坊网络的可行性和可扩展性之后,该团队决定替换以太坊网络,以形成 生态系统的新治理。此过程将涉及将现有的基于以太坊的C币迁移到新的专有区块链技术, 嘉信公链。 嘉信的新钱包和质押功能也将于7月发布。在本文中找到有关嘉信新区块链的更多信息



  1. D网将在7月底恢复CSM(ERC20)存款,以便用户交换代币。
  2. D网将在接近七月底恢复旧C币 (ERC20)存款,以供用户交换代币。
  3. C币持有者将能够将其旧C币(ERC20)存入D网,并将其转换为新的C币。
  4. 嘉库上的旧C币取款也将接近七月底恢复,以便用户在D网上交换C币。除非另行通知,嘉库目前将不会恢复C币存款。当嘉库支持新的C币时,我们将更新社区。

***请注意,因新的C币不再在以太坊网络上运行, 新的C币将不受任何ERC20钱包(例如MyEtherWallet, imToken)的支持。任何未交换的C币(ERC20)都不会在我们的任何官方交易所合作伙伴上交易。因此,我们建议社区尽快交换C币。

新嘉信应用程序 V2.0

自嘉信首次发布应用程序以来的两年,嘉信新应用程序的测试版已可以进行社区试用!更新版本将分别在7月和8月发布给亚洲和国际市场。 嘉信的应用程序功能弥补了聊天应用程序和加密货币钱包之间的缺口。这就是嘉信与您曾经使用的任何应用都不同的原因。加密货币社区希望从社交媒体应用中获得更多收益。他们想要一个便利的平台来补充日常交易。在聊天应用程序和加密钱包之间切换非常麻烦,因此会降低应用程序上的用户体验。通过将加密货币钱包集成到我们的聊天应用程序中,您现在可以执行交易而无需离开该应用程序。这加快了寻找买家或卖家的过程。告别在交易之间切换应用程序的日子!在本文中找到有关嘉信新应用程序的更多信息.


  • 比特币







  • 以太坊







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