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EXO Bi-Weekly Report #1 EXO双周报告#1

Recaps and highlights of EXOLaunch, Exonium’s exclusive IEO platform.
Exonium独家IEO平台, EXOLaunch 前几周的亮点。

With our two recent successful IEOs for Navera and Abele, we wanted to share some updates that will be important to you as part of our community.

1.Growth in Navera

Navera IEO was a huge success, 30 million NVR tokens allocated for the IEO on EXOLaunch were completely snapped out in three phases:

  • Phase 1 sold out in about 10 seconds with around 1700 participants.
  • Phase 2 sold out in about 1 minute with around 3400 participants.
  • Phase 3 sold out in about 3 minutes with around 5000 participants.

Following the successful launch, we are witnessing a strong demand in Navera token after the listing of NVR on Exonium. Since its listing, NVR’s market has been performing well and was 300% of its IEO price during its all time high on 26th August 2019. We are excited to witness Navera success and will be looking forward to its future development.

EXOLaunch has a stringent curating and reviewing process for blockchain projects prior to their launch, ensuring that all projects integrated onto Exonium are prospective and serves a great purpose to the whole ecosystem.

Looking to launch your project on EXOLaunch? Apply and join us in the revolution today!

2.Transparency to the community

For the first time, we took a step further to work closely with our IEO partner, Abele Trust, to release more information on their project. Prior to their IEO, we shared an overview on Abele Trust on top of IEO details. Exonium also announced a partnership with Abele Trust, allowing Exonium users to create Abele Trust accounts and have full access to Abele services by 2020.

This allows our community of traders to better understand the project and why we chose to integrate them onto our platform. Enjoy these valuable information? Looking forward to our upcoming IEO? Stay tuned as we release updates on EXOLaunch!

3.Upgrade to server

On the 27th of August, we experienced a huge number of users accessing the IEO site for Abele Trust Phase 2 IEO. Although we have upgraded our servers in preparation before the IEO, our servers crashed as the numbers far outweigh our expected load. Due to security reasons, Phase 2 was postponed while we were investigating the problem.

To prevent such incident from happening again, we have increased and upgraded our server before the commencement of Phase 2 on the 28th of August. Users can now expect a smooth and polished experience when participating in an IEO on EXOLaunch.

We are thankful for the community’s support and participation in Abele Trust’s successful IEO campaign.

4. Successful Abele Trust IEO

Despite the postponement of Phase 2 in Abele Trust IEO, we are proud to announce that all 3 phases has successfully concluded.

Abele Trust IEO, conducted in three phases and sold out in the first two phases.

  • Phase 1 sold out in about 10 minutes, each BANK token sold at US$0.0085.
  • Phase 2 sold out in about 3 minutes, each BANK token sold at US$0.0090.
  • Phase 3 closed on 29th August 2019, 09:00 (GMT +8) , each BANK token sold at US$0.0095.

5. Upcoming projects on EXOLaunch

Following our announcement about Consentium’s branded debit card, we would like to update the community that UnionPay will be chosen instead of Visa. With UnionPay, it will be more accessible for our Chinese community as UnionPay has the biggest market share in China.

Meanwhile, we regret to inform you that there will be a slight delay to the pre-order dates. However, you can still register your interest on EXOLaunch and you will be notified once the finalised pre-order date is announced.

We are also excited to update you that the upcoming IEO on EXOLaunch is Bigg Cash, an autonomous hyper-local Online to Offline ( O2O ) e-marketplace.

Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest updates on our upcoming IEO.

About EXOLaunch

EXOLaunch is the official IEO launchpad of the Exonium cryptocurrency exchange. Exonium launched successfully this year with 100k sign-ups on the first day of operations. EXOLaunch provides a platform for deserving projects to gain support and investment from Exonium’s dedicated base of traders.

Ready to start trading on Exonium ? Try out the seamless registration process and sign up for a new account today at https://exonium.one/

Quick guide (can change):




  • 第1阶段在大约10秒内售完,约1700名参与者。
  • 第2阶段约1分钟售完,约3400名参与者。
  • 第3阶段约3分钟售完,约5000名参与者。





我们第一次进一步与IEO合作伙伴安鑫密切合作,以发布有关其项目的信息。在他们的IEO之前,我们在IEO详细信息上分享了安鑫的概述。 嘉库还宣布与安鑫建立合作伙伴关系,允许嘉库用户创建安鑫帐户,并在2020年之前完全访问安鑫服务。






4.安鑫 IEO 成功


安鑫 IEO分三个阶段进行,并在前两个阶段售完。

  • 第1阶段在大约10分钟内售完,每个BANK代币以0.0085美元的价格售出。
  • 第2阶段在大约3分钟内售完,每个BANK代币售价为0.0090美元。
  • 第3阶段于2019年8月29日09:00(格林威治标准时间+8)结束,每个BANK代币以0.0095美元的价格售出。




我们也很高兴地向您通报即将推出的嘉库启动上的IEO是 Bigg Cash.

通过 Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn 与我们联络,了解我们即将推出的IEO的最新公告.



您准备好在嘉库上交易了吗?现在就来试试我们无缝的登记过程并且在https://exonium.one/ 注册新账户








Be part of the future — $tEXO

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ExoniumDEX is a decentralised exchange designed to be a unifying exchange of all coins through a unique oracle concept and bridging function.

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