Here’s what to expect from the new platform!

Jun 19 · 2 min read

Exonium goes live this Sunday, 23 June at 11:00 (GMT+8), after a security upgrade to its KYC process. The trading platform operates on an Estonian Cryptocurrency Exchange License.

The site will have a new look and feel to accompany the enhanced user experience. All existing Exonium users are required to sign up again on the platform. This transition has been kept simple with a seamless user registration process.

What you can expect:

  • Basic and Advanced Trading: Exonium allows you to choose between streamlined or more comprehensive trading functions while ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • EXOLaunch: The new Exonium site will feature an IEO Launchpad for users to support upcoming projects in the industry. The first IEO is slated for mid-July.
  • Access to the Consentium Community: Powered by the Consentium messaging app and crypto wallet, Exonium links users to its active Consentium community. There are proposed integrations between Exonium and Consentium app for future implementation.
  • Integrated support through Zendesk: Access FAQs to aid your trading and registration, or open a ticket on the support page without leaving the site.

The upgraded Exonium will go live on 23 June at

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  • 基本和高级交易:嘉库允许您在简化或更全面的交易功能之间进行选择,同时确保流畅的用户体验。
  • 嘉库启动:新的嘉库网站将为用户提供一个IEO启动板,以支持即将到来的行业项目。第一个国际能源组织定于七月中旬举行。
  • 接触嘉信社群:由嘉信聊天应用程序和加密钱包提供支持,嘉库将用户链接到其活跃的嘉信社区。嘉库和嘉信t应用程序之间进行所计划的集成,以便将来实施。
  • 通过ZenDesk提供集成支援:阅读常见问题解答以帮助您进行交易和注册,或者在不离开网站的情况下在支援页面上打开票。

升级后的嘉库将于6月23日在 正式上线。

通过Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn与我们联系,获取最新消息。

Exonium Exchange

Be part of the future of Crypto exchange


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Exonium was founded to propel Cryptocurrency into mass adoption. Trade with the liquidity you deserve.

Exonium Exchange

Be part of the future of Crypto exchange

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