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tEXO — New Generation of Decentralized Exchange tEXO-新一代去中心化交易所

ExoniumDEX enhances liquidity and allows inter-exchange of all coins regardless of blockchain technology. ExoniumDEX增强资金流动性,并允许所有区块链技术的加密货币相互交换。

tEXO — New Generation of Decentralized Exchange | Exonium

The year 2020 will be remembered for the massive growth of DeFi or decentralized finance. Even the global Covid-19 pandemic could not dampen the growth of this financial technology, which is tapped to be the future of the financial services industry.

Some of the exciting DeFi developments that materialized in the past 10 months include decentralized exchange protocols like UNISWAP, decentralized credit platforms like MakerDAO, decentralized investment platforms, non-custodial trading platforms, and yield farming.

The total value locked in these emerging projects are in several billions of dollars — as of November 2020, the value of the DeFi market was at US$13 billion, and counting.

As DeFi grows in value, the value proposition of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency expands with it too.

Retaining Custody on Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) emerged when users of centralized exchanges (CEX) started looking for alternatives to the latter.

They wanted to skip the hassle of sign-ups for an account, and depositing crypto funds before trades can happen. They wanted a trustless environment to carry out their transactions while retaining custody of their funds so that they can have full control over their digital assets.

DEXs were developed so that users could trade peer-to-peer, in a decentralized and trustless manner.

The permissionless trades are facilitated by smart contracts built on blockchain technology, and funds are transferred directly from wallet to wallet. All users require is their own Web 3.0 compliant crypto wallet to send and receive cryptocurrencies, and they are good to begin trading.

Most DEXs are propelled by the Ethereum protocol. Thus users are able to trade or swap ERC20 tokens easily and safely without the need for an account or a deposit.

Additionally, DEXs allow the trade of tokens that are not listed on centralized exchanges, as long as there is demand and supply for these tokens.

For users who want to earn more outside of trading, they have the option of providing tokens into liquidity pools without the need for huge fees and long delays experienced on centralized exchanges.

Areas Overlooked in Fast Growth

In the rapid development of decentralized exchanges, some areas of operation and feasibility were overlooked.

DEXs are limited by issues such as the ease of use, the type of assets or tokens available for trade, multiple blockchains used for different transactions, and the available liquidity on the exchange.

As DEXs are niche in the tokens that are available for trade, the liquidity available for these tokens may not be as good as centralized exchanges. In such cases, sellers will have a more difficult time finding someone who wants to trade in the chosen token pairing or even trade at a fair price.

Thus users who are new to decentralized exchanges may find the environment challenging especially if it is the first time they are trading cryptocurrency by using non-custodial crypto wallets.

Improved Functions on ExoniumDEX

With these challenges in mind, the ExoniumDEX was developed. It is a decentralized exchange built on top of Ethereum.

Its main function is to be a one-stop DEX where all Ethereum and non-Ethereum projects can be inter-exchanged, achieved with the use of a unique oracle concept and bridging function. Thus, ExoniumDEX will provide significant liquidity to the DeFi space.

Tackling the issue of interoperability of different blockchains for different trades is the ExoniumOracle. It is an open-source, developer-friendly silo system that will convert blockchain data into the Ethereum-based format.

After the blockchain has gone through the ExoniumOracle, it is ported to ExoniumDEX via the ExoniumBridge. The latter is a smart contract that efficiently processes all information and data between ExoniumDEX and ExoniumOracle on-chain, and creates a binding contract between the two.

ExoniumBridge is an open-source smart contract that will be released together with ExoniumOracle in Q1 of 2021.

Trading on ExoniumDEX

The demand for Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges are best explained by the success of UNISWAP — their millions of users have clearly indicated their preference for a simple, unified platform that can link directly to Web 3.0 compliant crypto wallet.

ExoniumDEX continues to leverage these same effects by developing further on the UNISWAP DEX model.

Thus users of ExoniumDEX will continue to find the same concepts of ERC20 tokens, swap mechanisms, liquidity pools, and fee structure present.

The governance token of ExoniumDEX will be tEXO. An ERC20 token, its utility will be derived from the incentive for liquidity pool providers, which is based on market demand and supply as well as the ecosystem of the exchange.

Holders of tEXO will be able to vote in the decentralized process of ExoniumDEX, and qualify for a share of additional transaction fees from swaps within ExoniumDEX as well as of fees from the use of the ExoniumDEX network.

The ExoniumDEX is slated for launch in Q4 of 2020. To keep updated, follow us on our social media platforms.

ExoniumDEX Website: https://www.dex.exonium.one
Old Exonium CEX Website: https://exonium.one/e/home
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExoniumDex
Telegram: https://t.me/exoniumofficial







基于区块链技术的智能合约促进了自动化的交易,资金直接从钱包转移到钱包。所有用户只需要使用自己的Web3加密钱包来发送,接收和交易加密货币。 大多数DEX是由以太坊协议推动的。因此,用户能够轻松,安全地交易ERC20货币。 另外,只要有这些货币的需求和供给,DEX允许未在集中式交易所上市的货币交易。对于希望从交易中赚取更多收益的用户,他们可以选择将代币提供到流动性池中,而无需支付巨额费用,也无需在集中交易中经历长时间的拖延。







UNISWAP的成功可以很好地说明对基于以太坊的去中心化交易所的需求-Uniswap数百万的用户清楚地表明了用户对简单,统一的平台的偏好,平台可以直接链接到符合Web 3.0的加密钱包。通过进一步开发UNISWAP DEX模型,ExoniumDEX继续利用这些相同的效果。因此,ExoniumDEX的用户将继续找到与ERC20代币,交易机制,流动性池和费用结构相同的概念。ExoniumDEX的管理代币将为tEXO, 鼓励流动资金池提供者,该激励基于市场需求和供应以及交易所的生态系统。tEXO代币持有者将能够在ExoniumDEX的去中心化过程中进行投票,并有资格从ExoniumDEX内交易以及使用ExoniumDEX网络获得的费用中分享一部分。ExoniumDEX计划于2020年第四季度发布。请在我们的社交媒体平台上关注我们。




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