Internet creates a revolution

Back in the 1960’s when people were working on creating the internet, everyone knew it would spark a revolution in thinking and communicating but I don’t think anyone back in its caveman days could have imagined the impact this could have had on the real world in creating huge movements that are making us rethink policies and question ideas we previously held true.

Coming from India, a fairly homogenous country- questions of race were never something that came to mind. But I remember my sophomore year, when the black lives matter campaign was picking up pace- the frenzy the campus was in. In my own personal life, something that had started as a hashtag, grew to campus wide talk about the event, movies discussing black oppression and finally a culmination in being part of an event- It led to someone-who initially had no idea about the problem that existed-becoming not only a bit more educated about it but also incentivized in my own very very small way to play a role in fixing it- something that I hope to continue on in the future.

As visible in the map showing the use of hashtags such as #handsupdontshoot and #blacklivesmatter, the whole world was constantly enveloped in a conversation that may not have happened before. I know that after the hashatg went viral, for the first time I was getting questions from my friends back home about what was happening and why it was so big. Social Media gave voice to a huge suppressed group of individuals and not only let people become informed about it but created concern in those who might not have otherwise been, leading them to take the first step towards becoming part of this movement.

Of all the articles, “Small Change” by Malcolm Gladwell really interested me. Yes, the revolution doesn’t need to be tweeted about as it wasn’t during Greensboro but thinking of a community that moves across borders, this social media helped create a global revolution that I don’t think would have existed had that one hashtag not existed.