ISIS on Twitter

The article “How ISIS Games Twitter” was truly a dark reminder of all of the ways social media can be used in a manipulative way. Their strategy is impressive, as the utilization of social media is the best way to spread a message to millions of people instantaneously. As we discussed last week in class, posting on social media can ignite a social movement, and ISIS seems to have mastered this by posting through its followers’ accounts and using hashtags and photos to ultimately create trending topics.

I did not realize that underground terrorist groups such as ISIS were integrated into mainstream and public social media platforms such as twitter — I had previously thought of ISIS as an off-the-record and more underground movement that does not make blatant posts. It’s frightening to me to read about how easy it is to affiliate yourself to ISIS online; with the simple download of an app, the movement can attain your personal information. I guess there truly is a dark side to social media, I just thought it was more hidden. I’m curious to know if the FBI is under investigation to catch those who are associated with the terrorist group online, for most online posts are able to be traced back to the origin.