RE: What is Code?!

Besides from unexpectedly enjoying this quirky bloomberg business article by Paul Ford (who I have read other equally readable technology-related articles by before) I took a lot away from this article too. I learned not only about the very basics of the technology that I use every day but also a little of it’s history and about the culture of the tech world where it comes from.

I will admit, that some of the more technical details about specific programs and coding languages went right through me but what I drew from it was not so much about the specifics but instead an overall understanding. Social media is a huge part of my life but being less of a “math and sciences” person I have managed to completely steer clear of any type of knowledge of how, even, I am typing words onto this document.

Besides my newfound (but still incredibly basic) understanding of how my technology works, what stuck with me most was the basic storyline, of a company hiring “TMitTB” to redesign a companies website and all of the coding associated with it. What I loved were the details surrounding this young tech guy in a “taupe blazer.” The attention paid to the way that these people dress and the casual environment that they work in was hilarious yet spot-on. Computer programming will never be my forte but I am beginning to realize that no matter what field I go into this type of technology will not only be following me nut will also be constantly advancing. That is daunting. The time and the money that is spent on this type of tech advancement is seemingly never-ending, which is simultaneously exciting and threatening. Is it even worth expelling the effort to keep up if it is known fact that this is just the foreshadow to even bigger advancements in the future? It is never going to stop.

Yes, technology can be scary and daunting but it is something that I have to come to terms with. This is going to be a transient part of my life for the rest of my life and in order to succeed in this generation I am going to have to make an effort to keep up. “Keeping up” at least for me does not mean I have to switch my major and start focusing on computer sciences, it means that I need to stay educated. I need to make sure I continue to read articles like this one so that I am not completely in the dark about where it all comes from and I need to keep up with the news.

And in lieu of that, here is a somewhat-relevant NYTimes article about a new technology EyeVision that I read the other day and found relevant (and interesting) in an effort to keep us all on top of the newest tech trends:

On a side note: the graphics of the article kept me throughly entertained and those little blue square cartoon characters even noticed when I scrolled too far too fast. Pretty cool (and a little annoying)!