the ugly truth: internet edition

After initially reading through the article about ISIS, I was initially a bit amazed by the intricate marketing strategy of twitter blasting they followed -(which led to me reading about the steps they take to get exactly their target audience and how it has in a scary way refined the PR for terrorist organizations- making things like Al Qaeda a blast from the past (not related) )and then going through the other pieces about topics such as doxxing, the ugliness of humans finding its way into other projects such as the cringe subreddit and being reintroduced to the horrible side of the web that is 4chan, made me re-realize why my mother had been so cautious with letting me be on the internet in my earlier days.

In the Siegel article, the author refers to Reddit and 4chan as “powerful laboratories for inseminating and spreading darker ideas. To me its amazing how places with primarily good intentions of becoming a platform for sharing and growing become so dark and convoluted. Which however pulls me to the idea that maybe its not all just being polluted by filth but is the natural interaction occurring on an uncontrolled platform where humans are given the freedom to show both their good and bad natured sides that exist in all. Maybe these sites also allow people to let their darker thoughts roam free in a world which is otherwise constrained by social norm, as they can hide behind anonymity and usernames.

For the first time did I learn about doxxing- In my time on social media in the past, while I have come across a few instances of it- I had dismissed it as a rarity and not something so commonplace. While yes, social media may play some role in socially tagging people as roles which could lead to an extension of the justice systems (where for example paedophiles have to identify themselves)- wherein it serves a positive- some sort of platform must be put in place to not wrongfully accuse people of such things. Maybe being harsh on those who do doxx and letting an official government body that does such a thing, in the spirit of safety online, create a way to mark people who have committed such crimes could actually serve a positive in society!