Twitter’s Two Sides

It’s interesting how last class we talked about how we can use social media to impact positive change in our communities, and now I question my beliefs of social media yet again.

I wrote in my last response the possibilities and influential power of social media and how we can harness these advantageous factors to foster a desire to help others in need (although it too has drawbacks as well). Now, I’m wondering whether the capabilities of social media are too effective for its own good.

I was pretty shocked to find out that ISIS has its own Twitter account AND its own application that allows it to access followers’ Twitter accounts and post propaganda on an individual’s account. The fact that it’s also using hashtags and other tools on social media to cultivate these harmful groups not only scares me, but also reminds me of the same strategies used by social media campaigns.

This is not to say I think we should stop using Twitter all together — not many people actually follow ISIS and I think it does more good than harm in the long run. But now I begin to question policies of censorship and filtering on these social media platforms and whether its necessary or whether its infringing on the ideas of social media.