What intrigued me most about this guide/”how to” was section 3, which was all about the “language.” It seems that no platform is “better” than another. The question is what programing platform best facilitates your end goal. I’m curious as to how many apps/websites potentially failed because the wrong platform was used.

What was most interesting about the first two sections was the “cell to cork” idea. Basically the programming sphere can be divided down and down to one code entry. Also the anecdote of forgetting the exclamation point best encapsulates how much of a minutia process coding is.

I didn’t really like section 4 because it just summed up the coding “stereotypes.” I am curious about websites and apps that facilitate coding. I feel like it makes the business a little more competitive because it’s easy access. I think the guide makes a good point in the character it created that there’s a cultural and innovative aspect to coding that can’t be taught.

Section 5.2 was very “existential” in that it answered a question we never really ask or thought to ask. I still want to know what comes “before” SQL.

I know this was all somewhat broad but I was not exactly sure what specifically you wanted out of this assignment.

(Appreciated the certificate of completion at the end).

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