What IS Code?

Man, I don’t even know where to start with this article (can we even call it an article? short novella? epic blog entry?). I really appreciate how surprisingly accessible this piece is to the average Joe of coding (me) and the many fun ways BusinessWeek played with the page’s code to add games/quizzes/checkpoints. I loved the author’s language and tone, making the long piece pretty enjoyable to read. I didn’t love how the author was constantly writing in small nods to his fellow programmers. Along the lines of: “Java! The absolute WORST, am I right?” and I’m reading, thinking, “Uhhh… I just learned about Java today, am I supposed to have a love/hate relationship with it?” and “Do programmers have beef with Microsoft? There’s a whole section dedicated to preserving their honor…” Just strange stuff like that. Little inside jokes from the programming world — probably funny if you’re a programmer, but not really his intended audience. Do you guys agree/disagree?

This piece also REALLY makes me want to be a programmer. He’s talking about how there’s an abundance of jobs in that field and it’s essentially a bunch of math puzzles — I think I chose the wrong career ;)