What is Code?

Overall I really enjoyed this article and found it to be very informative. This past summer I interned at a marketing software company where a huge number of the employees were software engineers. Working there made me curious about the world of programming and computer science, but my coworkers’ advanced knowledge of the subject left me feeling overwhelmed when it came to understanding exactly what they do. As a result, I really appreciated reading this article as it helped me to clarify and learn more about a process and profession of which I have recently been exposed. I thought the author, Paul Ford, did a great job of making his explanation simple and clear given the complexity of the topic he describes. He manages to break down coding into small, easy-to-understand subsections and uses many interactive visuals to keep the reader engaged throughout the piece.

Ford also brought up many intricacies of the world of computers in general that had never crossed my mind. For example, I have always taken for granted the process of typing. His explanation of this in the subsection “How Do You Type an “A”’ helped me to take a more in-depth look at this and better understand a seemingly simple process. Another interesting idea Ford emphasizes is how quickly the world of computers and programming has developed. In my lifetime, the Internet and computers have always been readily available. However, this was not the case for previous generations and I often find myself forgetting just how recently all of this technology has developed. For example, I was surprised to learn that apps were just recently created for iPhones. After reading more about apps and how they are developed, it makes sense that this is a new phenomenon as it seems to have mimicked the rise of developers.

I found this piece of writing to be fascinating as it constantly links its teachings back to how coding affects most individuals regularly. It really sparked my interest in the world of coding and helped me to better understand a topic that previously deterred me with its complexity.