What Is Code?

I really enjoyed Paul Ford’s article and found it to be a very enlightening glimpse into the world of code, which is far more complex and diverse than I had previously thought. The way that Ford showed lines of code directly alongside whatever the code actually translated into onscreen really made me appreciate all of the work that is put into the technology that I enjoy on a daily basis. I find it hard to believe that elaborate apps like Instagram or websites like Facebook are run by strings of numbers, letters, and symbols. Also, I appreciated how Ford interspersed his own personal experiences and a storyline throughout the article, as it gave me insight to not just the historical and technical side of coding, but also to the culture of code, which I had never given thought to before. I was particularly interested in the numerous coding languages, all of which varied greatly from one another and had their own unique ‘personality’ and history. Though some of the more technical aspects of coding did get lost on me, overall I enjoyed and learned a great deal from the article “What Is Code?”.