Expand: Expand’s Fourth Q&A

The answers to your most asked questions!

The answers to your most asked questions!

We’re happy to be back again answering the Expand community’s questions! In our last update we announced new tasks in conjunction with Panos Ipeirotis. We’re excited at the progress the tasks have seen, and are even more excited to have used the requester portal to build these tasks.

You can start working right now! As always, please feel free to sign up to be a worker and experience Expand for yourself at portal.expand.org.

If you’d like to have your question answered in a future post, please ask us here. The most frequently asked questions will be answered. Please read other Q&As before submitting questions — in the future redundant questions may not be answered.

Note: some questions have been briefly edited for spelling, grammar, translation, and clarity.

When are modules going to be released?

Modules have actually already been released! Please see our blog post.

Can we do a collaboration on sharing our channel content in each others respective channels?

Hi! If your channel is related to micro tasks that may be nice! Feel free to email us at hello(at)expand(dot)org.

Since the name change, the project has not been able to publish a detailed road map. Can you publish a detailed road map for the future?

As mentioned in the last few updates the requester portal is our most important piece of work right now. When the requester portal is completed, requesters can create their own tasks without interacting with anyone from the core Expand team.

How many people are working on the product? How much money left? What was made since rebrand?

Hi! As mentioned in our first Q&A:

The Expand core team is a distributed group of less than 10 people, including developers, designers, and a PM. When Expand is fully open sourced, we hope that hundreds of developers will contribute to and utilize the Expand Protocol.

We’ve made a lot of progress since the rebrand. What we’re most proud of is the substantial progress in the requester portal (both design and development). You can also try out Expand for yourself right now.

As for “how much money is left”, as a private company we don’t plan on disclosing financial information. Expand exists to facilitate the connection of micro task workers and requesters. As mentioned in our first update:

Yes, the core Expand team has the budget to continue funding the core team until key objectives (requester portal, open sourced, etc.) are obtained.
The team is planning to sell 2 billion Expand Tokens, however you’ve only sold about 1.1 billion. Do you plan to continue sales again? What does it take?

We have no plans to sell Expand tokens, however this may change in the future. As for “what does it take”, there are no current metrics available to share.

Hello. I’d like to ask how will be workers able to exchange earned tokens for $? I think what would make sense is to let requestors buy tokens directly from workers (via some Expand-only exchange maybe?). Have you thought about something like this already? Thanks!

This is an interesting idea. With that being said there are many legal moving parts to it. We will need to think long and hard about this before choosing one way or the other, but at the current time this is not in our roadmap. Thank you for your input!

How can I deposit more XPN? I can’t find GEM (your old name) or XPN on MetaMask?

Hi! Do you mean depositing XPN on Expand? To do that please follow the instructions on portal.expand.org. If you mean for displaying XPN in your MetaMask wallet, you’d need to add our custom token to your MetaMask.

Please reach out if we can help you!

Thank you so much for your questions. Please do keep them coming! Workers, please feel free to start working!

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