Expand: Introducing our New Name

Need a hand? Use Expand!

We’ve changed from Gems to Expand

In 2019 we’re Expand-ing our horizons with a new name and a continued focused vision. With your help in choosing our name, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be called Expand from here on out — nice to re-meet you.

As we analyzed feedback from our community for names and thought about the core offerings of our business, Expand proved to be the name that fit us best.

At its core, Expand allows requesters to expand their workforce, while allowing workers to expand their earning potential.

Expand is the protocol for micro task marketplaces. If you need a hand, use Expand.

Workers will now be able to access portal.expand.org to perform tasks, and requesters will soon have their own portal for building tasks. Expand tokens will be referred to as Expand with the abbreviation (XPN) — our Twitter is XPN as well, again, the abbreviation of the company name. There will be no need for workers or requesters to change tokens, as the contract address remains the same. For those who were part of our community program, please stay tuned for an upcoming small task that will reward an elevated level of Expand Tokens (XPN).

As Expand continues to build and grow, we thank you for your help and patience as we continue to move forward. For any questions, comments, or feedback please feel free to use this form, or email hello@expand.org.

Expand your potential with Expand!