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Rory O'Reilly
Jan 19 · 5 min read
You have questions, we have answers!

In an effort to build communal transparency across Expand workers, requesters, builders and beyond, every 2 weeks the core Expand team will answer questions from our growing Expand community members. In the past 2 weeks we’ve received many thoughtful questions and are excited to present our answers. We’re hopeful that this exercise:

  1. Allows frequently asked questions to be answered consistently and not get lost across multiple channels
  2. Allows institutional memory to be built together with Expand stakeholders (requesters, workers, etc.) especially as Expand moves towards a more decentralized approach
  3. Allows the core Expand team to focus on technological development while also answering questions in a consistent and timely manner

We’re grateful to our distributed community members that volunteer and take the time out of their day to continue to answer questions on Telegram, Twitter, etc — in the end, Expand is is essentially run by the community.

If you’d like to have your question answered in a future post, please ask us here. The most frequently asked questions will be answered.

Can XPN have a *fixed minimum amount* below which it can’t be traded on exchanges? This will help safeguard workers’ income by protecting against bots and manipulation on exchanges.

Expand Tokens (XPN) are decentralized and not controlled by anyone, so any restrictions, albeit however well intentioned, are not possible at this time. Furthermore, we take a position that the core team builds Expand the product and does not interface with exchanges.

How big is your team now? Did you hire anybody?

We’d like to think that every Expand community member (>70,000 including email, Twitter, Telegram), plays a part in helping Expand — and they do! From ideas, to naming Expand, to working, to posting jobs, etc. However, the Expand core team is a distributed group of less than 10 people, including developers, designers, and a PM. When Expand is fully open sourced, we hope that hundreds of developers will contribute to and utilize the Expand Protocol.

Does the team have enough budget to continue the project?

Yes, the core Expand team has the budget to continue funding the core team until key objectives (requester portal, open sourced, etc.) are obtained.

What is the next plan after your name change?

The requester portal is our immediate next plan, and this should be done in roughly a month. The requester portal is where requesters can post tasks without interacting with the core team. This aspect of the project is crucial as it’ll allow Expand to scale quickly and facilitate new tasks at a rapid pace.

Without giving too much away, here’s a small sneak peek at what the requester portal will look like:

As we continue to move towards becoming a more open sourced project, we’d like to open source our design as well. With the help of our community, we can’t wait to launch the fully functional product soon.

Why Typeform for Q&A?

Typeform is easy to use to collect questions. The reason we want answer questions this way is so that questions get answered in a timely manner, but the core team is able to work as well.

Why you have taken this much time?

We’ve continued to work hard and build Expand (particularly the requester portal). Furthermore, in respect to the name change, we had a certain amount of time to announce the name change — which we’ve adhered to. As we move to a more transparent and open source approach, we hope that Expand community members will be able to continue to take part and see the progress occurring.

When will you guys list on more exchanges?

Politely, we do not comment on exchanges. The Expand core team takes the position of building technology and bringing workers and requesters together. Expand Tokens (XPN) is meant for workers and requesters and is not an investment.

When will Expand be marketed to more people?

Expand is a two sided market place of requesters and workers. Right now, there are hundreds of excited workers and a sizable amount of serious requesters. However, in order to allow all requesters to post and build their tasks quickly, the requester portal must be built first — thus we are prioritizing the requester portal at this current time. Once the requester portal is launched, the community should expect (and help, if possible) Expand to promote applicable requesters and workers.

When will the Gems name be changed?

We have! What has been formerly called Gems is now Expand.

Do you still plan on giving an airdrop to the community?

The Expand team will put a very small sign up task that rewards an outsized amount of XPN for our community members that have participated in the Expand Community Program. In this way Expand will a) stay compliant with various legal jurisdictions and b) teach future workers in a small way how Expand works. Please rest assured this will be a small task.

Will I start making money for doing tasks?

Yes, in fact hundreds already have! There will be increasingly more tasks once the requester portal is launched.

Do requestors need to pay Expand who then pays workers, or are requesters subsidized by Expand?

It varies! As part of our promotion effort for requesters, for a limited time only, we are willing to subsidize particular tasks that our community would enjoy and that would provide substantial benefit to the requester. In the future, Expand will not subsidize tasks. As always, Expand never takes a cut between worker and requester.

Thank you so much for your questions. Please do keep them coming!

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The Protocol for Micro Task Marketplaces

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The Protocol for Micro Task Marketplaces