Gems: Building DApps on top of the Gems Protocol

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Rory O'Reilly
Dec 16, 2017 · 3 min read

Ensuring that innovative decentralized applications (DApps) are built on top of the Gems Protocol is one of the core missions of Gems. Allowing others to tap not only into the Gems labor pool, but also into the Gems protocol’s verification, trust, and payment mechanisms will foster a thriving ecosystem that provides benefits to all network participants. The use of the Gems Protocol is an essential part of Gems’ overall success and longevity.

The question you may be asking yourself is:

What DApps can be built on top of Gems?

The DApps that are built on top of Gems will involve some form of a micro task. With that being said, the possibilities are truly endless.

Examples of DApps that will be built on top of the Gems Protocol:

Content Moderation — the removal of offensive/NSFW content from social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Currently, large social networks offload this work to well over a hundred thousand centralized workers.

Imagine a dedicated DApp where anyone in the world, who is of age, can flag content during their leisure time and earn GEM tokens — all with verification, trust and payments taken care of by Gems.

A Smart Q&A service — Imagine if someone built a smart question and answer service, using the Gems Protocol for verification and payments, that sent out questions to the Gems labor force; the top answer that is verified gets paid by the question requester. Services like this exist today, but not at the scale of millions of workers seeing your question and being incentivized to answer — with a distributed labor force across numerous DApps, the potential for successful task completion is immense.

The Gems Platform — The Gems Platform is the first DApp that will be built on top of the Gems Protocol. The Gems Platform connects miners (our term for workers) and requesters, ultimately eliminating socioeconomic inefficiencies that exist in existing micro task marketplaces. On the Gems Platform, anyone can post a micro task and receive a response, and anyone can complete a micro task to earn GEM tokens.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

Like the Internet or Ethereum itself, we anticipate that DApps we could have never thought of ourselves will be built on top of the Gems Protocol. We welcome and encourage you to think of your own idea for a DApp that can be built on top of Gems. Who knows? Maybe it just might be the next big thing.

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Thank you to Sol Kim who helped edit this piece and to Ben Maurer for his inspiration around this topic. Thank you to ChessMaster, Haidarov, Silver Surfer and Calin, Gems Community Members who reviewed this piece.


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The Protocol for Micro Task Marketplaces