Jobs Announcement: Working with Panos Ipeirotis

Launching a task with the foremost researcher in the crowdsourcing space

Today we’re incredibly excited to announce new tasks on Expand. You can start working right now!

In these tasks, Expand workers will find information about universities, their departments and sub departments. Workers will follow a series of simple instructions to identify the meta data associated with each respective university. The tasks pay between 115 to 190 XPN (roughly $0.10 to $0.17), and have been up and running in beta for the past week to build a supply of skilled verifiers.

The requester for this task is Panos Ipeirotis, who in our opinion is the foremost researched in the crowdsourcing and online labor markets. Not only does Panos publish cutting edge research on labor markets, but also blogs and details his thoughts on the industry as a whole. We’re incredibly thankful for his contributions to the space.

Here is a video walk through of one of the tasks:

Want to work? Go to

Usually our job announcements don’t happen on Medium, but we wanted to announce a milestone for Expand:

These are the first jobs built using the requester portal 🎉

We’re happy to announce that we used the requester portal to create these tasks. Using the portal, and the components within, we were able to build these task quickly and efficiently. We look forward to releasing the requester portal soon, so that requesters themselves can test and build tasks.

Thank you so much for your support as we continue to build a platform for workers and requesters. If you’re a requester looking to get in contact with us, please do reach out at hello[@]expand[dot]org. If you’re a worker, feel free to start working right now! If you have any please do keep them coming!

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