Moving to First International City — Hong Kong.

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Pic from The Victoria Peak (One Plus 6)

I recently moved to Hong Kong for new opportunity with a startup . I am pretty much excited about the new place and the career.

My flight reached Hong Kong on Thursday morning at 10:00 AM. This is my The First international experience. I took flight from Hyderabad Cathay Pacific. It was quite a good flight.

Immigration Check

Immigration at Hong Kong Airport is very cool. You need to carry PAR or Visa for clearing the immigration. I received my visa two weeks ago from my employer. I scanned my passport and visa document and said welcome to Hong Kong. It was very pretty quick could finish the process in 2 mins. But, there was a long queue for 20 minutes. If you hold Hong Kong ID card, You can enter via the electronic channel.

Once you clear Immigration check, you are welcome to Hong Kong. Bingo :)

The First thing I did after immigration is to buy Octopus card. Octopus is prepaid card, with which you avail every service in Hong Kong, especially transportation and food outlets. It is almost accepted every where in HK.

The fastest way to go into the City is Airport Express. It is actually very convenient after your long journey. You will be Hong Kong Island in 24 minutes :). Yes, It is right, It’s very fast and easy. You will be amazed to see such an excellent transportation system in HK.

The Second thing is to bought a SIM at the Airport. Turn on the Google map navigation and check in Hotel. You will be surprised to find a few hotels without a lift but, having 7 floors. Check before you book the Hotel. If you are having heavy luggage, please do not expect bellboys in mid-sized hotels.

Hong Kong is very expensive for the most of things especially if you are coming from India. Prices are almost five to ten times of cost in India. We is better to avoid comparing to Indian prices. Renting in Hong Kong is very expensive and you find the size of the rooms are very small.

So, Where should you buy for setting up your new home?. I found IKEA and JHC stores less costly than other local stores. I brought a few household items for setting up home and Kitchen. (Try Chicken leg fry piece in IKEA, you might enjoy it).

Let’s talk about Office. (My experience, It might be different for you)

My office is on the 27th Floor which has a pretty good view of the city and hills. The first day is quite different from office than the Indian office. It is very quiet and calm.

Generally people start in morning hours around 8:30. Break hours are very limited to lunch only. No special breaks for coffee or tea in the business hours. Offices are very quiet calm. The first week was a little fuzzy environment. This is helping me build my focus and productivity.

My next blog will on “Must things to bring before you move to HK” especially for Indians. Keep in touch.

Special thanks to my friend Dhootha

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