AI, Personalization and Openness: Exploring the Definitive Tech Trends of 2023

Expedia Group’s chief architect shares predictions for the year ahead

Tech gets (hyper) personal

Data, artificial intelligence and machine learning have ushered in a new era of personalized experiences, particularly in the travel and retail sectors. Expect personalized recommendations and experiences to get even more sophisticated, from landing on a home page automatically tailored to your preferences to on-screen airport flight information based on your unique itinerary.

Platforms become more open and accessible

Open architecture and open source software is becoming the default for technologists everywhere, which is great for interoperability and innovation. More accessible data and open APIs make it easier for developers to build platforms and services that leverage AI to delight customers, but the tech industry still has a lot of work to do before we can fully realize the potential of the data it creates and holds.

Human-centric design is in the spotlight

For years now, consumer focus has been actively shifting from products to services to experiences — a trend accelerated by the pandemic as we all seek more meaningful connections. Technology should be an enabler of great experiences but all too often, poor design means it can be a barrier to the end user. Thankfully, this is changing. We’re now on the cusp of an era when human-centric design and cutting-edge technology will combine to enhance and personalize interactions at all points of the customer journey. This is a shift from reactive customer service to predictive and proactive service where brands are solving problems before the customer knows they exist.

AI might feel the frost

AI and machine learning are two of the most hyped technologies around and with good reason — the transformational possibilities are huge, and use cases are virtually unlimited. Technology companies see the value of data-driven personalization; encouraged by this, many are pouring huge sums of cash into exploring the full potential of AI, but skeptics point out that this trend is a precursor to an imminent AI winter.



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