Working Together in a Global Company

Seven tips for collaborating across geographies

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1. Know every collaboration tool

Get familiar with the standard company collaboration tools for chat, wiki, ticketing, and video-conferencing. They are now my best friends in day-to-day work. This virtual technology is key to working together from different locations.

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2. Communicate asynchronously

It is not recommended to chase people and ping them in person. Having a quick 1:1 chat in the office would exclude those who are working from home or from another location. In a global environment, the most effective way to communicate is asynchronous.

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3. Communicate your status

Keep in mind that people can’t see you.

  • If you are working from home, folks who are in the office can’t see you.
  • If you are working in the office, remote workers can’t see you.
  • In both cases, people that are in a different office location can’t see you.
A chat message reading “Good morning” followed by an icon of the sun
A chat message asking a technical question, with a response that reads “Let me have a look”
  1. The requester will know the message was received,
  2. And the team will know that someone is handling the request.
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4. Plan the future

When collaborating across locations, it is important to plan the next actions.

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5. Do be seen

Do you normally cover your face in the office?

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
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6. Meet in person

A global environment has its drawbacks. Working remotely or from a small office can give you the sensation of loneliness or isolation. Although virtual meetings help to mitigate this aspect, the real cure is to meet in person regularly.

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7. Say thank you

If someone helps me in some way, then I make sure to highlight it and give him/her credit. It always feels good to receive thanks, and this will make future collaborations easier.




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