Do brands have an aftertaste

What is it, and why does it matter.

Aftertastes can be pleasurable, or quite a pain. Something to savour or spit out.

It’s not just food that has this; relationships and interactions with people can come with a fair dose too.

As do relationships and interactions with brands.

Every bad interaction with your brand reps, every non-satisfactory bit of service, lousy greetings or a careless conversation; each of these leave a bad taste.

And trust us, the aftertaste of flavours is easier to manage; those of emotions and feelings are a whole lot more complex.

And that’s why for brands, the experience plays a crucial part.

The aftertaste is largely guided by the experience of the brand.

With every microinteraction there are emotions adding up; and if these are by and large positive, the brands got a good thing going.

But usually, brands seem to be falling short.

The experience are not always up to the mark; not always things that people love, or even like.

And this needs attention. Serious attention.

If the aftertaste of your brand is not pleasant it’s horribly bad for the brand; more so in the socially connected world..

Because unlike food, this aftertaste can be transferred to others even without them having to try the dishes.

We suggest you don’t wait for that.

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