Experience Haus Radio | Show 001

Experience Haus Radio is a fortnightly series from Experience Haus exploring different perspectives on creativity, new music, and education. We’re a platform to share opinion and inspire action.

Show 001 features an interview with American designer Kyle Adams about his life on tour, new band ‘Bitter Pills,’ general creative outlook, and a new word association game.

Top Take Aways

  • Experience Haus Launch (Haus Party) is set for 3 March 2017 in Kings Cross. Meet the team and the community with free beer and some good conversation (free event). Over 100 tickets already reserved.
  • The flagship course offering, Product Design 001 is open for sign-ups and set to start 3 April 2017.
  • Kyle’s story detailing the road to Apple’s updated notification system.
  • Bitter Pills is set to play SXSW’s main stage this March.
  • Design isn’t rooted in degrees, programs, or certifications; sometimes it comes in the form of MySpace templates.

001 Tracklist

Chill Out (ft. SG Lewis) — RAY BLK
All Night (ft. Dornik) — SG Lewis
Holding Back (ft. Gallant) — SG Lewis
[Daniel’s Intro]
Feeling You, Feeling Me (Joe Kay’s Slowed Edit) — Alicia Keys
Can’t Feel My Face Remix (ft. Liz Loughrey) — Nick Pacoli
Poetic Justice Rework — Elli Ingram
Gin and Juice Remix (ft. The Rooks) — Cold Chilling Collective
[Kyle’s Interview Part One]
The Longing — The New Regime
Stranger Ways — Anberlin
[Kyle’s Interview Part Two]
Strange Companions — Bitter Pills

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