Experience Haus Radio | Show 003

Experience Haus Radio is a fortnightly series from Experience Haus exploring different perspectives on creativity, music, and education. We’re a platform to share opinion and inspire action.

Show 003 features an interview with BBC’s UX Architect Luisa Sousa about her path into design, the struggle of mentally switching from graphic design to UX design, and stories of her year long travels through South East Asia.

Top Take Aways

  • It’s our first show back since officially launching Experience Haus at our Haus Party.
  • We’re proud to say our first Product Design course (PD001) is full, and dates for our second course have just been announced. We’ll be starting PD002 in July, at the Impact Hub in King’s Cross. Shoot us an email (learn@experiencehaus.com) for more information.
  • The team’s still looking for one, or two, more start-ups to join PD001. Our goal is to provide hands-on education for students — in doing so we work with local companies to provide quality UX at affordable rates. If you have a project (or know someone needing an extra hand) please get in touch with our Managing Director Amit (amit@experiencehaus.com).
  • Experience Haus: A Conversation (our first conference) is scheduled for this summer. With a few speakers lined up (from John Lewis and GoCardless), we’re still putting together a bit of detail for our upcoming event. If you’re interested in speaking, or sponsoring the event, please get the conversation started by emailing Amit (amit@experiencehaus.com).
  • Shifting gears from a visual design perspective, to one more-so focused on UX is tough. But, it’s doable. Focus less mental energy on making something pixel perfect and remember to look at the overall context.
  • Traveling the world isn’t something saved for the wealthy. It’s accessible to anyone who’s passionate enough to go for it. Aside from the amazing stories and scenery, you’ll meet a few people along the way who’ll become friends for life.
Connect with our guest Luisa on Twitter, and send any comments, questions, or song suggestions directly to the Experience Haus team.

003 Tracklist

Diamond Bright (ft. Noah) — Esta
Nobody Cares — Elli Ingram
Nightlyfe (ft. Steeps The Guru) — Nick Pacoli
Chanel — Frank Ocean
Roses — beatmachinearon
Cruel Intentions — JMSN
Get You (feat. Kali Uchis) — Daniel Caesar
West (ft. Daniel Caesar) — River Tiber
ROS — Mac Miller
Dive — DrewsThatDude
David’s Song (Imagined Herbal Flows Remix) — Poppy Ajudha
Halfway Love — Elhae

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