Experience Haus Radio | Show 004

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Show 004 features an interview with the ladies behind Nix and Kix, a line of refreshing soft drinks with a subtle kick of cayenne pepper sourced locally from England. We chatted about their company roots, how their friendship goes deeper than a business partnership, their process of testing and creating flavours, and heaps more.

Top Take Aways

Connect with Nix and Kix on Twitter, and send any comments, questions, or song suggestions directly to the Experience Haus team.

004 Tracklist

Bist Du Down (ft. Kwam.e) — Ace Tee
I’ve Gotta Keep That Bounce — Eric Lau (sent over by Kojo)
1107 Freestyle — ZEO
Wonderfool — Phantom Thrett
Syrup — STWO
Joy — Leven Kali
Badu Gold — Trill Dill
[Mrinal and Daniel Intro / Amar Interlude]
Stay Inside (The Internet Remix) — Raleigh Ritchie
Add The Bassline (Nehzuil Remix) — Jordan Rakei
Tied Up (ft. Huntar) — Joe Hertz
Electric Feel (Gespleu Downcast Remix) — Henry Green
You Should Have Known (ft. Nymano) — Pandrezz
[Nix and Kix Interview]
Superman — Louis Mattrs

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