Experience Haus Radio | Show 007

Experience Haus Radio is a fortnightly series from Experience Haus exploring different perspectives on creativity, music, and education. We’re a platform to share opinion and inspire action.

Show 007 features an interview with two ladies representing Condé Nast Britain. We’re chatting about design’s influence on Fashion, translating a ‘Runway Experience’ digitally, and their upcoming trip to Moscow, Russia. Get to know them before their talk at our first London conference (Experience Haus: A Conversation) this July.

Top Take Aways

Connect with Ella and Imogen, and send any comments, questions, or song suggestions directly to the Experience Haus team.

007 Tracklist

Thrupence — Alethea ft. Edward Vanzet
___DN​[​a] — BlackJedi
2 O’ Clock in the Moanin — Zacari
Cool It — Mars Today
Turnin’ Me Up — BJ The Chicago Kid
Can’t Cherish Everything — VACATIONS
Lullabies (Jim-E Stack Remix) — Yuna
[Mrinal and Daniel Intro]
StayInTonight (ft. Elhae, IAMNOBODI) — ESTA.
War — Nonso Amadi and Odunsi (The Engine)
Ms. Communication (ft. Sun) — Da-P & theMind
[Conde Nast Interview]
Playing For You (ft. Bassette) — Joe Hertz

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