Experience Haus Radio | Show 010

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Show 010 chats with Aftab from London’s ‘Fresh and Fearless’ travel blog. Ranging from the humble beginnings to where it stands today, our interview dives into Aftab’s travels around Europe and the aspirations behind his journey.

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010 Tracklist

What You Want—Danny Dwyer
RADIO DAYS — _Waahiid_ 
nxscrubs — K, Le Maestro 
Tadow — FKJ & Masego
Miguel Sings SZA — Nick Pacoli
Tanners Tango — Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin
Glow (Remix) — Nick Pacoli
Get Dis Money (Remix) — Tom Misch
In The Cut (feat. Masego) — Aaron London
Vibes & Sh*t — _Waahiid_
[Interview with Aftab]
Lonely — Mac Ayres
Sweet Life (feat. Racella) — Matt Deguia
Oxygen — Monique-Danielle

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