Introducing Grupo: A side project about side projects.

We all have had ideas for side projects. Some of these brilliant (what seem to us at the time) ideas come to us when we are out on walks, out at the pub, or while at work. But how often are these ideas blocked by lack of technical knowledge, design understanding or a nose for business?

How will you ever know what potentially could have come of them? And how frustrating is it that you never actually tried to make these ideas to come to life?

A Bit of Background

I’ve been working on a side project for over a year now and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Grupo. Grupo aims to be the bridge between you, your idea and the large pool of people looking to work on something meaningful outside of their normal office hours.

Side projects are on the up, and some of London’s most successful startups began with the root of an idea that was propagated on the side of a job.

Made with passion, purpose and the right people. Many project ideas require not only a certain skill set but also a passion in and for particular areas.

The idea to create Grupo came to me after meeting and talking to many of the potential students that I have to taught about both user experience design and product management courses. Many of them either had ideas for projects they wanted to develop further or wanted to change careers but were unsure what path to take.

The mission behind the site is simple: we want to connect creative people with projects they’ll love.

We also want to bring some of many great ideas that are generated every day to life. Upload an idea, tell the community your needs and requirements, and let us help match you up with the perfect working partners.

It works the other way too, if you have talent but don’t have an idea yet, why not sign up and help build someone else’s? Many of us wish we were working on something innovative, creative and were using our free time more productively. Now you can use Grupo to find the ideal project to work on based on your skills, interests and passions.

What’s Next

Where do we stand at the moment? The responsive web version of the site is functionally ready. Although there is lots of visual design work remaining to do, we wanted to focus on getting the core functionality in the place before anything else (we’re a lean startup after all!).

In the pipeline for the near future we are looking at crawling your social media accounts to get a better picture of the skills and interests an individual has.

We’re looking for people to start testing the first version of Grupo so we can shape the product further (and together). We’re starting this pilot version with the Experience Haus community.

With Grupo you’ve found your new favorite site for discovering projects, connecting with creatives and collaborating with other like-minded people.

Visit to sign up today.

We’d love to get your feedback, feel free to get in touch by email —

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