Meet The Faces Behind PD001

Simply put: product design is a process. The thinking spans the spectrum from idea generation to commercialisation.

In a systematic approach, product designers conceptualise ideas and turn the abstract into tangible. The role combines art, science, and technology to create new products that alleviate pain-points, or just make life a bit easier.

With our first Product Design Course (PD001) kicking off next Monday, we’re taking a moment to introduce the newest members of the Experience Haus community.

Our class of seven professionals join us from all around Europe with a variety of backgrounds and design experience. They’re either honing in existing skills, or using this course to develop new ones.

If you’re interested in joining our second course (starting in July out of King’s Cross) shoot us an email and let’s get the conversation started!

With that said, let’s jump right in and say hello to our first official cohort (👋🏼).

Marta Palacio Muñoz

Originally From: Barcelona (Spain)

Hi all! I’m from the famous Barcelona! I was studying advertisement but one day I decided I want to try new things and I moved to Rome where I spent a couple of years working in a crazy travel agency for the Vatican.

Faces behind PD001: Marta’s top song.

The life brought me to Rio de Janeiro where I also worked in tourism and well… here I am in London decided to become a UX Designer.

Even though I don’t have a tech background, all the skills that I’ve learned and my endless curiosity will help me in this course!

I love creative activities, the sun and the sea (I miss them so much!), hummus and to get lost in cities.

My next objectivity: To get done an Origami lamp for my bedroom.

Vikram Seth

Originally From: London
Discover: and

I am on a quest to build personal and spiritual development retreats for curious seekers. I regularly leave London to immerse myself in other cultures and re-energise with a strong dose of Bhangra dancing!

Faces behind PD001: Vikram’s top song.

I’ve spent the past 6 years in the Energy Industry (Oil, Gas & Renewables) in Business Development and Economist roles with a FTSE 100 multinational giant.

Now I’m looking forward to gaining completely new skills and perspective from the PD001 course as well as moving back into the startup sector.

Shawn Appel

Originally From: Zimbabwe

My name is Shawn Appel, a freelance graphic designer living in London, originally from Zimbabwe but lived and studied in New Zealand from the age of 17 before moving over to the UK.

Faces behind PD001: Shawn’s top song.

Having just under a decade in graphic design I have decided to explore new avenues of design and find UX/UI very interesting and I’m excited to see how far I can go with it.

In my spare time I really enjoy exploring my new home in London and travelling around Europe and the world, experiencing new cultures and landscapes.

Snowboarding, surfing and lazy days on the beach with music are my go to activities.

Orsola De Marco

Originally From: Italy
Twitter: OrsolaDeMarco

I am a creative thinker obsessed with solving problems — or helping people do — staying curious and learning at least one new thing everyday.

I work at the Open Data Institute, where I run a startup accelerator and an incubator for data-driven tech startups. The best part of my job is working with fantastic founders and teams that are solving real problems and inspire me everyday. I mainly help them with business model, product-market fit, UX and pitching — for everything else I make sure I intro them to great people I know that can help them further.

Faces behind PD001: Orsola’s top song.

I landed in the tech world by chance working at the civic tech startup Spacehive, after leading different social innovation projects.

In early 2015 I co-founded Civicwise, a crowdsourcing and co-design platform that promotes civic engagement and collaborative urbanism.

I am also part of a bunch of communities for women in tech and Urbanistas a women-led network for growing women’s leadership and collaboration to make everyday life in cities better for everyone.

I look forward to the course to learn more about Product Design and be able to coach our startups going through the process better.

I love cities, maps, Scandinavian design, cycling and vintage road bikes — I am always up for bike rides to discover new neighbourhoods on my red two wheels.

Oliver Sear

Originally From: Norwich, Norfolk

I recently moved to London, and started working in a Creative Digital Agency based in Shoreditch (as a Front end developer).

Faces behind PD001: Olly’s top song.

Really excited to be attending the Product Design course at Experience Haus. I’ve always had a keen eye for UX and frustrated with badly thought out websites especially when it came to building them. Since working in London have been lucky enough to be involved in the UX stage of a project and have found a real passion for the process.

Hobbies include Social events (of course), Table tennis, Cycling and Cooking. Also find I spend a lot of my time researching new technologies.

Will Gregory

Originally From: Sevenoaks, Kent
Discover: and willgreggers

I’ve lived in London for the past 8 years and made my first steps into design in 2011 when I made a career change from my former life as building surveyor! It was quite a shift, literally from bricks to pixels, but I’m very pleased I made the move when I did, and haven’t looked back.

Faces behind PD001: Will’s top song.

Initially I worked as a graphic designer, more focussed on layout and print work, and have gradually moved more into the digital side. I worked within a content marketing agency for 4 years, and now am soon to start my second year as a freelancer.

Naturally, I have interests in design and art outside of work, but music is also a big part of my life. Whilst I sadly don’t have any playing talent, I do love seeing live music — nothing beats that buzz for me. And of course, I always wish I could travel more!

I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch of interesting new people and being part of an environment where we can all learn from each other. Being able to apply my new skills to a live brief in the real world is also going to be a massive benefit for me.

Paul Smith

Originally From: London
Twitter: @SunStreetCreate

Faces behind PD001: Paul’s top song.

I’m a strategic designer working in the area of brand and brand driven innovation.

I help organisations communicate with strength, clarity and conviction across all marketing assets, both on and off-line.

Experience Haus brings people together through design. We’re building an inclusive community with a simple philosophy in mind: learn by doing.

Our cost of living is high, so it’s important to have a low cost of education. We offer part-time courses (pairing students with start-ups), hands-on workshops, and mentoring programs that are affordable and accessible to everyone.

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