Over 200 Thank Yous to Everyone Who Joined Our London ‘Haus Party’

On Friday 3 March, 2017 we kicked the door down with 200 of our closest friends to officially launch London’s newest design school: Experience Haus.

Much love to everyone involved in stamping these 400 napkins before the event (🙏🏼).

Our space was slammed from wall-to-wall with current and future designers, local creatives, and those just looking to get involved with a new family.

With so much support and love filling the venue, the Experience Haus team was absolutely floored. So to that, we only have one thing to say: THANK YOU.

Experience Haus brings people together through design.
We’re building an inclusive community with a simple philosophy in mind: learn by doing.

A Bit of Background

A few months ago, we set out to bring London’s designers together, aiming to create a system of workshops, courses, and events.

Our idea grew. Quickly.

After a few weeks we noticed the design community was only a part of the conversation. One thing became clear: there’s a need for affordable education. For spaces dedicated to self-improvement. For a circle of welcoming people in an industry built upon secrets and competition.

Design isn’t something to hide, but something to share.

Because our cost of living is high, it’s important to have a low cost of education. That’s our mission. Everything we do is rooted in affordability and accessibility.

Refocused, we created Experience Haus. A design school offering part-time courses (pairing students with start-ups), hands-on workshops, and mentoring programs that are affordable and accessible to everyone.

We’re creating a warm welcome into the design industry. A platform to share learnings, opinions, skills and everything sitting in between. We’ve noticed just how fluid education can be. Which is exactly why we’re taking a community approach to learning and teaching: whether it’s something to share or something to explore, we’re here to build the bridge.

Aside from the basics of the classroom, we’re determined to involve start-ups and a hands-on approach. To not only help the students, but the tech industry surrounding us.

We asked ourselves: why confine learning to a room? Design is built upon trial and error — shouldn’t our learning process reflect that?

Fast Forward to our Haus Party

The night was fueled by a special edition of Experience Haus Radio (a fortnightly Radio series exploring different perspectives on creativity, music, and education).

With beers and wines flowing, enough stickers to coat the city, great vibes, and a helping hand from our staff at Impact Hub (King’s Cross), the celebration kicked off!

Surrounded by old friends, new ones, great conversation, and amazing ideas, we finally (officially) launched Experience Haus here in London

We’re all about bringing people together, and our Haus Party was just the beginning. Keep you eyes open for all our upcoming events in 2017!

Next Up

Product Design 001

We’re putting the final touches on our first Product Design course, being taught by co-founders Amit Patel and Daniel Kemery (starting 3 April, 2017).

The course pairs students with live client projects to apply learnings in a real world context, and help make a genuine impact. We’re fortunate enough to partner with Timber Yard for a pool of local startups who’re keen to work with upcoming talent (and of course great coffee).

With quality in mind, we’re capping our courses at 12 students (spaces are filling fast).

Experience Haus: A Conversation

The team’s planning our first conference here in London.

In May, we’re have big conversations with design talent from around the world. We’re still in the very early stages of planning, and probably shouldn’t be telling you about our event just yet (but we’re too excited not to). If you’re interested in speaking or lending a helping hand, give Amit (our Managing Director) a shout!


We’ve just introduced a side-project about side projects. We’re connecting creative people with projects they’ll love working on. Read more about the concept, or give it a try!

Experience Haus Radio

We’re always looking for great people to interview, or good music to share. If you’re keen on getting involved, shoot an email to our hosts Daniel and Mrinal.

If you’re looking for more detail on what we’re up to, or want to teach / learn at Experience Haus, drop us an email (we’re always happy to get a conversation started).

Favourite Outtakes

Photos by Ben Jacobs
Words by Maia Bridi and Daniel Kemery

Experience Haus brings people together through design. We’re building an inclusive community with a simple philosophy in mind: learn by doing.

Our cost of living is high, so it’s important to have a low cost of education. We offer part-time courses (pairing students with start-ups), hands-on workshops, and mentoring programs that are affordable and accessible to everyone.

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