Earn XP from Steam’s entire library!

XP Fam!

Have you been wondering what projects the XP team have been working on? Well, today is the day you get to find out just ONE of those amazing things. As you know, we have been integrating XP payouts into XP sponsored servers, for games like Rust and 7 Days to Die. We knew when we started this process last year, there was a need to implement more than just a few games. We know each one of our community members enjoy different genres of games, so we wanted to include everyone.

As of yesterday, any XP community member who completes the Ladder sign up will be paid in XP for ANY game they play in their Steam account. That means that you can earn XP for your play time in over TWENTY THOUSAND games through Steam. Much like the current games, you will receive payouts every 3 hours, so long as you are meeting the time thresholds.

Please ensure you follow the signup instructions, it is imperative you input the correct information to receive your payouts!

3 Things You MUST do to be paid

  1. Make sure your Steam PROFILE is PUBLIC
  2. Make sure your Steam GAME LIST is PUBLIC
  3. Complete the Ladder signup — using your 17-digit STEAM ID and your XP wallet address.

Steps for ladder sign up

  1. Click ‘Create Account’.

2. Fill in required information.

3. Once in your profile, click ‘Add GUID’.

4. Make sure ‘XP Wallet Address’ is selected.

5. Input your XP Wallet Address and click ‘Add GUID’.

6. Locate ‘Steam ID Long’ in drop-down menu.

7. Open a new tab and go to https://www.steamcommunity.com

8. Login to your Steam account.

9. Click ‘Activity’ in the drop down menu under your username. Go to the address bar and select the 17 digit number.

10. Return to the ladder site and copy/paste that number into the area in your ladder account. Click ‘Add GUID’.

11. Confirm both numbers were successfully added.

12. You’re all set to earn XP!

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Facebook: https://goo.gl/hwb8Xo
Discord: https://discord.gg/Q4XAUD