Purchase Digital Products With XP

We have good news XP community! Experience Points has officially gone live on Kamoney as a form of accepted payments. As we stated in our last post, Kamoney allows users to pay their utility bills, internet purchases, mobile phone data recharges and much more.

What we didn’t mention is that Kamoney is now accepting XP as an option to buy from a list of digital products available through their website. Currently, Kamoney is allowing users to purchase games, steam cards, gift cards and other products! The list of games includes popular titles such as Diablo 3, Rocket League and Battlefield 1.

How to use Kamoney’s platform

  1. Head to https://www.kamoney.com.br/ and click on ‘Services’ in the upper right.

2. Click the drop down menu and select from the list what you would like to purchase.

3. Once you make a selection, click on ‘Add’. If you would like to purchase more than one product, you can continue to ‘Add’ to your cart.

4. Next, click on ‘Experience Points’ as your Payment Type and input your email address and click ‘New Order’.

5. Confirm your selection and agree to terms.

6. Once confirmed, you will go to the order screen. On this screen you will find your order ID and payment address.

7. Copy the payment address and send XP to that address. Once Kamoney receives your transaction and it is confirmed on the blockchain, you will receive your product key or code by email.

If you have any issues with the Kamoney platform please reach out the Kamoney support team directly. This is a 3rd party platform and the XP team doesn’t have any affiliation.

Click here to visit Kamoney: https://www.kamoney.com.br

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