Some attitudes to adopt when you travel to Paris

Paris is a very specific city: very historical, very romantic, where the art of living contains a good dose of chill… But not all the time.

(We have already written two stories with tips about Paris, you can find them here and here.)

In this story, you’ll read advices to make your life easier during your stay.

Hold your right

Okay, this seems to be common in big cities. But Parisians can be very rude when they are in a hurry while you’re blocking the path on the escalator.

Just keep your right ☺

Go to museums on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday

One of the reasons we Parisians don’t like tourists, it’s because we can’t go anymore into our museums.

But it is the same for the tourists themselves: they queue for hours in front of the museums.
If you want to avoid this, try to go there on weekdays.

BUT, on each month’s first Sunday, museums are free. Your choice !

Avoid rush hours

It’s the same thing in every major city in the world.

But the Parisian transports have the air of hell during the peak hours: 8h — 9h30 and 17h30–19h30.
To avoid absolutely: the subway lines 2 and 13, RER A and B.

Keep your eyes wide open

We have an enormous chance: all Paris is full of history, architecture, street art, magic.

Do not hurry, take time to look around, and practice the favorite sport of Parisians: stroll.

Do not be afraid to approach Parisians

We know we have a very bad reputation. But it is the tourists we do not like; Conversely, we love to meet travellers.

“Parisians are smiling people, you just have to get close to see their smile !”
Martha, from Germany

If you want to meet Parisians, and discover the real Paris with them, we created Welcom ‘to Paris: a platform where you can find cool local people and share genuine experiences with them.

And if you have questions to prepare your trip to Paris, do not hesitate to ask them here, we will answer you an edit this story.

From Paris with love,

JB and Tiyo, the Welcom’ team

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