Don’t just visit, experience Paris

This is what we propose to every traveller coming in our city.

This publication will be dedicated to give you useful tips to enjoy the City of Light like a local. Or at least, give you valuable information to understand this particular city and get off the beaten path.

Who are we ?

We are JB and Tiyo, the creators of the Welcom’ to Paris project.

We are travel enthusiasts, and when we are abroad, we just love meeting local people. It’s always the highlight of our trips. But there is nothing to facilitate this (except some horrendous marketplaces that put a price on people).

We decided to create here, in our city, a new kind of website : a platform for a community of traveller. On Welcom’ to Paris, travellers like you can find Parisians that propose genuine local experiences, meet them, share a moment, and experience the real Paris. The Paris of the Parisians.

It’s not about finding the Eiffel Tower, it’s about living a bit of the local life. Meeting people, create memories, live real experiences.

In the end, it is all about travellers helping each others : we welcomers are only Parisians travellers that are home between two trips. And we are ready to help you enjoy our unique city ! Maybe one day we will come to your place and explore it with you.

Let’s live the sharing spirit !

(We have another Medium publication to give news about the project and our small community, just below — yes, the name isn’t very original -)

Why this publication ?

We found that modern tourism, mass consumption tourism, has destroyed the link between tourists and locals. We’ve talked to hundreds of travelers around the world: we all want more human touch when we are abroad.

In the end, we realized that we are part of a new generation of traveler who has three characteristics :
* Respect (we respect the other’s culture and we try to understand it)
* Curiosity (we don’t stand outside the local culture, we dive init)
* Efforts (we “do our homework” before a trip)

(Read more in our previous story below :)

In short, we just want to inspire you for your trip to Paris and meet locals like us via Welcom’, and help you “do your homework” before coming

We are going to publish our tips, hacks, and other infos about the “real” Paris, the Paris of the Parisians.

Do not hesitate to post a comment if you have a question to ask us about our city !

From Paris with love,

The Welcom’ team
JB and Tiyo, and all the Parisians that joined us to welcome travellers.

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