Alumni Hackathon

Experience Haus x Pixel Pond Life

We collaborated with our good friends at Pixel Pond Life, a recruitment agency specialising in Design, Technology and Product Teams at our first alumni hackathon. Pritesh Bhatt, our recruitment consultant at PPL is aware of the difficulties that stem from the hiring process so his role is to make it a more seamless process for you. The aim of the day was to design a B2B recruitment product to generate smarter connections with hiring and talent managers.

The design brief

Amit, the founder of Experience Haus started the day by explaining its purpose and objective alongside how the hackathon would run.

Pritesh enforced the PPL mantra throughout the day which is:

“To help everyone to be their best by offering products, services and solutions in the digital recruitment space that are upfront, honest and speedy, but importantly put people first.”

Pritesh at the Alumni Hackathon

The students were then briefed on the task:

  1. To grant Pixel Pond Life a physical presence in their clients environment.
  2. To enable the client to instantly contact Pixel Pond to resolve recruitment needs.
  3. To make sure the students received a personalised recruitment experience.

The core aim was for students to research, learn and develop something PPL clients will enjoy alongside adding value to their business.


In this task students asked questions about Pixel Pond and the challenges clients face when hiring. It was clear that clients like to keep up to date with the process the minute they hand the project to Pixel Pond.

Defining the product

There was a large emphasis on the client in this stage as students established the meaning and purpose of the product as well as ways to solve the problem. They each had a one-on-one with Pritesh giving them a chance to ask questions about the recruitment process. The students understood the clients needs which was at the centre of this project enabling them to build something of value.

Refining the product

Snacks and drinks were provided as they discussed ways to develop and refine the product with the user experience and establish how the service would look and feel. The alumni demonstrated high levels of imagination in this task.

Presenting the product

Their final idea was presented to the rest of the class. Despite their problem-solving abilities being very similar, the end products were diverse and each product had their own individual character.

The final message

The day certainly showcased our alumnis creative talents and cultivated an opportunity to innovate and build something exciting. Our first Alumni Hackathon proved to be an ideal creative environment to innovate and pioneer recruitment products for PPL’s clients. Thank you to those who came!