Artist Stephanie Andrews Navigates Contemporary Issues Through Delight & Wonder

Immersive Game Of Life Installation From The End Of You, February 2020.
“COLLAB COMP” (2019) — an activation of collaboration, agency, and exploratory sound.
“fragment space” (2019) — a small, interactive experience about finding perspective and grounding.
“The New Frontier” (2019) — an interactive installation about space junk and, more broadly, humanity’s disproportionate impact on the universe at large.
“Missed Messages” (2018) — a two-part installation about emotional labor and the roles of machines facilitating the transmission of care across space and time.
“What the Camera Sees” (2019) — an installation concerning the nature of digital surveillance.
“Intersections” (2019) — a participatory and modular installation about free-form collaborative explorations of shape, form, and color.



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Gray Area Foundation

Gray Area is a 501(c)3 nonprofit in San Francisco, CA applying art & technology to create positive social impact. #grayareaorg #creativecode