“Film Fatale”

I signed up for a panel conference out of DC today called the ACP. I probably will not get accepted, but the topic will make for a good presentation. Myself and two others are hoping to present on the topic of film transitioning from using actual film to going completely digital. We are calling the panel “Film Fatale”. We are going to discuss how, while digital film cameras are expensive, using actual film was also expensive and very risky. With digital, we can record as much as we want to as long as you have batteries and memory cards (which are relatively cheap compared to that much more extra film). That being said, we are also going to discuss why some directors are still using film, especially 70mm (i.e. Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight). I think this will all come together as a great presentation and the audience, as well as myself, will learn a lot from it.